Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Turning it off.

I have decided to turn this computer off for the month of July. I need a break. I spend way too much time on here.And I have so much I need to be doing instead.

I will have to turn it on to update what I'm bringing to market. And delete tons of stupid emails, I'm sure. But I won't be back here til August. So I thought I would let y'all know, just in case anyone missed me.

So see y'all back here in August. Have a great July!


A.N King said...

Sorry to see you go Kris but I understand well that need to get off the grid. In any way you can considering the modern age. I look forward to your return and hope to hear more about your farm come August. Outback has been a real pleasure to read and I hope to see more of you soon.

Best of luck,
A.N King
Author of The Heart of Home: Finding My Homestead

Kim said...

You certainly will be missed. I look forward to starting my morning by seeing what you been up to. But I do understand the need to back off. See you soon!

Betty Ann said...

I'll miss you Kris. You brighten my days. Have a blessed summer.

Linda said...

Will miss you too Kris. Hope you have a very successful farmers market this month.I love your blog and look forward to you coming back. See you then. Take care.


SweetLand Farm said...

I hear ya! Sometimes you just gotta take a break. Have a great month and we'll look forward to hearing about your month next month!! Take care!