Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Still losing.

As of this morning, I have lost 41 pounds! But I got to thinking, that's just about 10 pounds a month. If I had been exercising, it could have been at least 20 pounds a month. But I'm ok with this. It's coming off slowly but surely. I am getting lots of walking and bending and squats done every day, working in the garden. I see some little green beans, so I will be picking them soon. Can hardly wait for a good pot of fresh green beans. With some squash and ripe tomatoes. Maybe some fried potatoes. Goodness, makes me hungry.

Speaking of being hungry, I am a lot lately. But before, when I was so hungry, I'd eat anything and everything I got my hands on. Usually crap. But now, it's easier for me to handle the hungry. Like right now, I have a bowl of cantaloupe I'm snacking on. I had the rest of the frittata I made yesterday for breakfast. Then did a lot of walking, dragging branches up from the front of the yard to the goats and sheep. Then had to go to Lafayette to get some dog bones from the slaughterhouse for the dogs. Got that all bagged up and made dog food. Got it all in the freezer and just now sat down.

So I am eating so much healthier now. At both weddings, I didn't even think about cake. I did have a tiny bit of wine. But mostly ate BBQ and veggies and fruits. Before, I would have had 2 or 3 pieces of cake. It doesn't even look good to me now.

So if I want to get to 160, I have 49 pounds to go.


Kim said...

I am so happy for you. I can just hear in your voice how much energy you have and how much better you feel. Share your secret with us. I am sitting here right now and fibro is kicking my butt real good. But I know this will pass and I will be up and moving again soon.

Kris said...

A good friend of mine has fibro too. She has good days, then she's down for several days. She is gluten intolerant too. Sometimes, before I started this journey, I felt like I had RA. But within just a few days of no flour or sugar, I felt much better. And eating "real" food has helped a lot as well. I do feel SO much better since I started this. But that's basically all I did was cut out all flour and sugar. I only use honey, which is from my own bees now! And there is sugar in salad dressing and of course fruits. But I do not add sugar to anything. I had to give up drinking coffee too because I used Natural Bliss creamer. So I just drink hot tea. You should try this. I don't even crave sweets like I did before!

Anonymous said...

thats awesome! 41 lbs! i know u feel better, i can hear it in your writing. keep up the good work!