Friday, July 21, 2017

Mommas gone wild!

So that lasted til about 10 oclock last night.

My husband asked me if there were supposed to be any sheep next door in the yard. No, they were supposed to be out back with the goats. Well, there are sheep in the yard next door.

So I got dressed again, in my dirty ole farm clothes, ran outside, and sure enough, there'a all the crazy momma sheep, standing at the little gate that leads to the pasture where all the screaming lambs were.

So went ahead and put the darm mommas back over there with their poor little lambs. Who, by the way, were doing just FINE earlier!

Don't they all look so happy together?????

We went out back to see what happened. So this gate was just laying flat on the ground. They had picked it up and thrown it down on the ground...

and got to this cattle panel, that I had just like this. And proceeded to move it to the middle of the yard.

So now, they are all back together again, after a very loud stressful day (for me!). I am putting a sign out front in a few minutes. I have them on Craig's list in Chattanooga, Atlanta, Knoxville and Nashville. Plus on face book. I just might have to take them to a sale barn. And I really do not want to do that.

Just TOO many sheep!!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Time to wean.

So yesterday, I decided I would separate the lambs from the moms today. I called my friend Craig for some extra hands. He came. I got everyone in the stall with feed. Then I handed each lamb to Craig and he went to the other stall. My husband opened the door for him. And Kansas was supposed to be inside with the lambs to keep them from going out when the door opened. Well, it worked til the 3rd lamb came in. One lamb got out! So we left her til we got them all in. We had to take the wire off the top half of the door so he wouldn't have to open it, just put them in through the top. So when we got them all in and just the one lamb was still out, we started trying to round her up. Well, she went right through a hole in the side of the wall that I had there for the chickens to get in when I had the door shut. It was just big enough for her to get in with the other lambs!!!! So that went better than I anticipated. It's REALLY hard to catch just 1 lamb!

Got the mommas out and into the very back pasture, where the goats are. Kind of far enough away but they can still hear the lambs. I left the boys with the lambs to take care of.

Amarillo and Annabelle will not leave the fence here. They are just making it worse for their babies. I told them they'd thank me later. All the others are in the barn, where it's cool, just laying there taking it easy. Like moms without kids do!

I hope this won't take to awfully long for them to get used to the idea that this is a good thing! The poor mommas are so worn down right now. There are a few of them that keep getting sick with barber pole worms. So I hope this will help them to get better. The lambs are 3 months old now. I've never done this before, but I thought I better do it now, so they ewes will start looking better. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sheep and lamb sale!

 These lambs have got to go! They are 3 months old. I have no room to separate them for weaning. And the poor ewes are wearing down.

I have 14 lambs. 7 ewes and 7 castrated ram lambs. I might keep a few of the lambs, but really don't need to.

They are all so cute. And I named all the rams after hobbits and elves. How stupid of me! I really want to keep Bilbo. He's the biggest boy and so funny! He's Cameron's.

Then there's Darla's boys, Frodo and Sam. I might keep Sam too.

Then Amarillo's boys, Merry and Pippin. I love their faces. I might keep Merry.

Then Campbelle had twins, a boy and girl. His name is Tom Bombadill.

And Adalaide also had boy-girl twins. Named him Legolas.

Then all the girls. I want to keep Galadriel, Elanor, Elin and Ella.

But then, I really have too many sheep. I have 8 ewes. So if I kept 6 lambs, that's 14. Still too many. UGH!

They are all SO cute. And sweet.. But they do need to go.

This is Cameron. Last night, she busted through the fence to the garden, down below the big garden. There were about 6 sheep in there. And, my husband had taken the fence down by the road a few days ago. I just about had a fit when I saw them down there. I didn't care that they were in the garden. But there was no fence to keep them from the road! So I finally got them all back across the the driveway to the North pasture. Where they will stay for awhile.

I might end up selling her too. But she's Bilbo's mother.

So, if there are any readers close by me, or know anyone looking for nice wool and meat sheep, please let them know. I really have too many sheep! If I had known last year that I wasn't going to be able to use the pasture next door anymore, I would never have bred these ewes.

Monday, July 17, 2017


Is what I weighed last Monday. OMG! Well, actually, I was thinking I was more like 270 or something. So not quite as bad as I was thinking. But still, BAD!

I went down to S. Ga. week before last, to see my sister. The first motel I stayed in had big mirrors all over in the bathroom. I almost cried! It was awful.

So I decided when I got back home, that I was getting back on the no sugar, no flour wagon again. And I've done really good. I have lost 6 pounds already!!! Down to 238.

So, I will try to only  weigh on Monday mornings. And do a little post about the weight loss. This big ole tummy has got to go!

I already feel so much better, just not eating sweets. It was really getting bad, I'm telling you. Back to the old ways, so fast. And it's so easy!

So I am going to do this again. I have to.

It's just plumb HOT y'all!

Sunday, July 16, 2017


this is Freya when I brought her and Olga home last Monday morning. She could barely stand. She was so sick.

I am not blaming anyone for this at all. Freya is a very persnickety goat. She does not like most people. And when my friend would come to milk her if I went away a few days, she never could catch her. She's just that way.

I never thought this would happen though, when I took her and Olga to stay with her, so I could have a little break. And be able to go places. Like to see my sister down in South Ga. That's where I was when she called to say Freya was really sick. She was doing all she knew to do for her. I was giving her suggestions too. But didn't know she was this bad.

They'd only been there a few weeks. But my friend also had all 4 of their doe kids. She had put them all together when I first took them to her. And immediately Freya's triplets went right to her and started nursing. And they are almost as big as her. That was probably the first mistake.

Then the heat. And not the best shelter for goats. Then she moved the 3 milk goats to a pen alone. But the kids could still see their mommas. So stress was a big factor too.

She had gotten some Today for what looked like mastitis. And was rubbing her udder with peppermint oil. Had her in a small pen alone with hay and water.

This started Saturday, a week from yesterday. I came home when she called Sunday morning. I went to pick them up Monday morning. Freya looked SO bad. I almost cried. We got the goats in my Trooper and back home. I thought they would both perk up when they got back home. Into their barn. I put a fan out there for them. Got to work on Freya.

I started giving her antibiotics because she sounded horrible, like my sister when she has bronchitis. So I was thinking she probably had pneumonia too, on top of mastitis. And stress. Also gave her B shots, Red Cell, probios. Also mixed up some salt, baking soda, sugar and ACV to add to their water for electrolytes. Started feeding Freya kale, spinach, parsley, collard greens. I went out and cut anything green I could find. Anything green. She ate!

Gradually, every day, she started getting stronger and eating more. And getting farther outside the barn! Eating grass.

So now she looks like this. I'll spare more pictures. Like her udder. The whole right side was gone, like so dried up. The left side was hard. No fever. No pain. I kept giving her the Today and antibiotics and everything else. And I started rubbing comfrey salve on her udder. Gradually, her right side is coming back! And has milk in it! But the left side is still not too good yet. It is improving!

So, this morning, I go out and to milk Olga and feed Freya and give her all her stuff. And can't find Freya. Anywhere. Olga was there, ready to be milked. But no Freya.

After I milked Olga I went to look for Freya. And finally found her out in the jungle next door. See if you can find her.

 She is SO much better today from a week ago. I just never gave up and neither did she! She's a fighter for sure!

And I did call a vet, but really, he doesn't know any more than I do about goats or sheep. I started doing research. And called my 2 goat friends. Who are amazing! Could NOT have done this without them for sure! And sent them up dates every day. They are both amazed too.

So this is a true goat miracle. And I am getting a gallon a day of good milk from Olga alone.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Old barn

This is what's left of the old barn and shed next door, where my sheep used to go. A few months back, the guy that owns this, started tearing down all the bad parts of the barn and fixed what was left of it up. It looks good. Then he started tearing out all the fences. There was a long 3 sided shed where the brown ground is. He tore that down last week.

I took this photo last night. I love how peaceful it looks.

Friday, July 14, 2017

All this wool!

All this wool is from 1 ewe. Buttercup. She has the most beautiful soft wool of all my sheep. This is some I just took out of the washer to be rinsed.
And this is some that's drying on the big long rack.
This is some more that didn't fit on the big long rack.

                                                   This is how long it is. It's just beautiful.

I have been washing wool the past few weeks now. I have already washed 4 huge bags full. I only have about 12 more to go. Still debating whether to take it to that little mill in Tn to make into roving. It's $20 a pound. So I figured if I did take it, being clean would be less weight. I don't know.

Does anyone else take their wool to a mill? What is your experience? I think it will be so much easier to just have roving to spin. Not have to go through all the carding. Which I don't really like doing.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


She's finally REALLY 100 today!

This lady, who has been telling everyone she meets that she's 100 or 102 or 104, is finally 100 years old today!

She's an amazing lady. Still lives in her home that her parents built when she was 8 years old. Has been married  3 times. Has 3 wonderful grown children who love her dearly and take such good care of her. I love her too. She's just amazing. I can finally say I know someone who is a centenarian!

Ooppps, didn't mean to put 2 on here.

Mrs. Thomas. I remember about 33 years ago when I first met her. We bought a house a few houses down from her. We were out in the yard one day in early spring and she came around the house and down to where we were and introduced herself. She was beautiful and tall and just stunning. She was a potter and an artist and an avid gardener. Was always working in her very large yard, full of azaleas and box woods that her mother had planted so many years ago. (She got me started on gardening and gave me many plants and flowers from her yard.) It's still a beautiful yard, but you can tell she has not been in it in years. But she has a few yard people who are working on it and it's getting back to where it used to be.

Me and a friend home schooled our kids for a few years and Mrs. T taught them all art every other week. They loved it. She was a teacher for 10 years too. I still have some of the things my kids made there.

She used to go off on long trips during the summers and I'd be the "care taker" of her place while she was gone. I loved going over there and walking through her yard, watering all her plants and flowers, or just sitting in her house for awhile. I love how it smells. She has the most beautiful stone sun room that has the best view of her yard and all the bird feeders we keep full for the birds. And squirrels.

Lots of good memories! I hope she has many many more good years with us all.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Thrift store find...

I love thrift stores. I go all the time. So I'm in Statesboro to visit my sister and had to go to Goodwill while i was waiting for her to get off work. And i found this!!! I just absolutely love it! Looks just like what I spin. So cool!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Kind of crazy

Wow, I do not know what's going on with these huge gigantic pictures, but it's quite annoying to say the least.

Anyway, if you can possibly see these 2 paintings, they are beautiful. I found them yesterday at a thrift shop for $1.99 each. I always rescue paintings and pottery from thrift stores when I see them. And these just jumped out at me. The colors are perfect for my studio. Just perfect.

The 1st one has MRAZ at the bottom. The other is not signed. So I put these pictures on my face book page to see if anyone recognized the name or painting style. Someone said I should google it. So I typed in local artists with this name and came up with a guy named Tony Mraz from Chattanooga. I checked to see if he was on face book and he was. So I sent him a message asking him if these were his paintings.

It didn't take long til I heard from him. He said yes, they were his paintings. and that they had been stolen from his yard during a move back in either 2007 or 2008, along with several other things. He was so happy to see them.

I am not though. I really like these paintings a lot. I kind of wish I had not said anything about them. But I did tell him he can have them back. He said he would love to get them. He did say he'd reimburse me. I'm sad.

But anyway, it's kind of crazy that these turned up in a thrift store and I found them and they're his. Very small world, right?

New red boots...

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Just sheep. And a few alpacas.

Earlier this week, I thought about asking my friend Cara if she'd like to take Freya and Olga for awhile. So I could have a break. I called her to ask her to think about it. The next morning she called back and said she'd love to have them! So her husband came in a little truck to get one of the stanchions and the feed barrel. I loaded the goats in my Trooper and took them to their new farm, not too far from here. Cara has all four of the doe kids. Plus another doe and her buck kid. They have 35 acres, so there is plenty of room for them.

It's been about 3 days now. And I don't think I've really missed them. Or the milking twice a day. I think it was getting to me. Having to hurry in the mornings to get out there to milk them. Then I never could go anywhere at night, because I'd have to hurry back home to milk. And I want to go places. So now I can.

I cleaned out the barn real good after the girls left that afternoon. Put down some mulch inside the barn. Got all the feed bowls and hay racks. Then put the sheep and alpacas out back.

And I don't have to hurry with the sheep. I can just take my time. I feel so much better. I even found two pretty good sized trees about 10' apart out back and thought I'd get a hammock. I finally found one yesterday. I'll put it up tomorrow.

I have way too many sheep right now. 8 ewes and 14 lambs. The ewes were all sick awhile back and they are finally all better. Then a few days ago, I noticed Legolas, one of the ram lambs, had a huge jaw. So got all my worming stuff together and got him good. All the others looked fine. So I've been keeping an eye on them all. He's better now. We've had so much rain here and the worms are really bad. It didn't rain for about 5 days and now it's raining again for the next few days. I really need to try to sell some of the lambs.

This back pasture used to be a pine forest years ago. They got pine borers and had to be all cut down. There are still piles of dead wood back there. The baby goats love to play on the wood. And I just think it's kind of cool looking.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday again.

It's Friday again. Wow, this week has just flown by. I've been busy getting things ready for my grand daughter's graduation party Saturday. Chloe graduated high school and Kansas will be going to high school in the fall. Plus all the May and June birthdays. And just a celebration of friends and family. I have so much food, I'm so glad I have an extra fridge to put it all in. I am so excited for this party! I bought 100' of really cool lights at Costco that we'll string around the trees then we'll put the tables in between the trees for shade. My son=in=law Jason will be playing music and playing some of his own music too. Lots of food, fun, friends, family and good music!

I have been trying to find some way to get the goats to produce more milk. I had been getting about 3/4 of a gallon twice a day between the 2 girls. I have tried calf manna before with other goats and they'd just eat around it. Never have given any to Freya and Olga though. So Monday when I was at the feed store, I saw a small bag of calf manna on a shelf. It was $17.99! So I asked Colby about it. He said one guy gets it for his rabbits when they have babies. He gives them just 1 pellet at a time and they produce a lot of milk. Anyway, so I got a bag. Started Monday night. Just a handful in the bucket of feed for them both. And almost immediately I started getting a full bucket. This is a gallon bucket. And they have not been able to go outside their pasture to browse along the fence row because they mowed hay and still haven't came to get the bales yet. I am quite impressed with the girls! So now, instead of 1 1/2 gallons a day I get 2 full gallons! I have 3 milk customers getting 2 1/2 gallons a week, and still bottle feeding 5 lambs, and I still have lots of milk. Some friends are getting a couple pigs and I'm getting half of one, so they can have some milk too.

While I was at Costco shopping for the party, I saw this bottle of wine. I just had to get it. It's a white wine I think and I really don't like white. I usually get reds. But I love the bottle. It has my name on it!

This morning, after the sheep and lambs ate and my 2 bottle lambs had their bottles, they wanted to see what this hen was up to. I took a cute little video of her pecking Frodo when he got too close. The a few others came to see what was going on. That's Ella on the left and Frodo on the right. When she laid the egg, she started the egg laying song, then the roo came and joined her. Then Frodo laid down to take a little lamb nap. And I grabbed the egg before they all smashed it.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Random Friday post...

It's Friday! I really never cared what day of the week it was. I think if I had a favorite day, it would have to be Mondays.When my kids were young and in school, I always loved when Monday came. I could get them in school, clean the house, go shopping. Just have some time for myself.

I put a little fence around the mockingbird nest. The sheep were out in the garden and they were getting close to the nest, trying to eat the leaves. So I got a little scared they might knock the nest out or put a hoof in the nest. I felt better anyway. I think the mom and dad did too. These babies are so big already! They'll be flying soon.

This morning, I went out to check for eggs and I saw these 2 up on the hay bale. I got a video of her laying an egg. It was amazing. I've seen it before, but it just amazes me. Can't get eggs any fresher than that. Don't know why the picture is so huge.

And this is 2 of the fig bushes. Or fig trees. I went out the other day and saw how huge they are and am wondering how the heck I'm going to get the figs now! And they are all 3 loaded with figs.

I am still having barber pole worms in a few of the ewes. STILL. I noticed Campbelle last night with a puffy jaw, so gave her some Safegaurd and Red Cell. This morning, she looked lots better. I was getting the Red Cell in a syringe and Annabelle was right next to me. She sniffed the syringe and I put it in her mouth. She started licking it, so I squirted it in her mouth and she took the whole thing. Then Amarillo did the same thing. Geeze, and here I've been catching them and straddling them and pushing it down their throats! Sheep! They will always amaze me.

So I went out back to mow so I could let the sheep out there tomorrow. The lawn mower just quit when I got off to open the gate and would not start back up. Made me SO mad, I hit it with my right hand and I do believe I broke my pinky. I broke it years ago and it's been crooked ever since. I have a knot on the middle top and it's pretty swollen. I have got to learn to control my temper! Especially when it comes to my hands. Now I'm hoping it doesn't kill me to milk the goats. UGH!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

More babies!

The 3 Mockingbird eggs hatched last week! This is them not too long after hatching. All mouth!

                               This is them a week later. Getting some feathers, but not many yet.

Every time I say something to them, their mouths go wide open! SO cute. The parents are doing a good job. But, this nest is about 3 feet off the ground, in this maple tree in the garden. I have been hacking away at it over the years. It's got a wild rose in it too. So not many branches with leaves on them. And it's supposed to rain today. I want to go put my canopy over them. But my husband says to let nature do what it will do. Maybe the mother will cover them with her wings if it gets too bad.

I went in the milk room yesterday evening and looked up and there were all the barn swallows, hanging out at thei Then they all flew out and were flying all over with Sam and Rosie. I love them.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Beautiful day

I decided to take my fleeces to a mill. I called yesterday and talked to the man who owns Golden View Alpaca and Mini Mill in Kodak, Tn. Not too far from me, maybe a 2 hour drive. So I am outside today, skirting all these MANY bags of wool from my sheep. Listening to Celtic music and birds chirping and sheep chewing their cud. What an amazing way to spend a beautiful Friday!

P.S. Annabelle only has a little bit of puffiness under her jaws now! I've been giving her Red Cell, hoping to get her blood built back up to fight this. I believe she will pull through.

Thursday, June 1, 2017


This is Annabelle last night. So puffy. But this morning, she's just a little and mostly like loose skin. But probably by tonight, it'll look like this again. She's up and eating and seems ok. I am giving her and all the others Red Cell every day til they are better. All the others look great. Just Annabelle is still hanging on to these horrible nasty worms.

Her mother, Lucinda, died from Barber Pole worms when Annabelle was about 4 months old. It was so horrible. I didn't know much about it then. But did all I could for her. She was my favorite ewe. Black and had the prettiest wool. So maybe Annabelle is just more susceptible to these worms.

And she had quads too. But is only raising one of them. The other 3 are with my friend's 3 kids, who love them to pieces! They are named Arwen, Galadriel and Gandalf. They all look just like the other lamb, Goldberry. And all very healthy and happy. And spoiled.

I hope I can pull Annabelle through this. I'll worm them all again about the 7th.

I think one thing that made this worse is the lambs would jump up in the trough when I fed them. And of course they had poop on their feet. So I don't feed them in the trough any more, only in pans and those feeders that hang. So the lambs have theirs and the ewes have theirs now.

And it is NOT fun having to drench 8 sheep every day! I can't even imagine having more than 8.

So please say a little prayer for my sheep, that they get over this. Thanks!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A small miracle

This morning, after feeding the sheep, they all were ready to move. So I got all the fences up and gates open. I turned around when I was done with all that and ALL the 8 ewes, 14 lambs and 2 alpacas were right there by the gate, ready to go.

So I opened the gate and they ALL walked right out and across the driveway and into the garden. I almost could not believe that just happened. I didn't even hardly say a word, just opened the gate and they all went out, one right after another. That has not happened since they all had lambs.

There was always 5 or 6 lambs that didn't pay attention and got left behind. I had to chase them all over to get them out and with the rest. One time, there was only 1 lamb, the smallest of them all, little Pippin, who would NOT go and I  had to chase him  all over the field, then had to go get the husband to help. So I always have this fear of that happening.

Then of course the crazy in me comes out and I start screaming and cussing and who knows what else.

But this morning, there was a miracle here at Outback Farm. And I thanked the Lord a lot! It really was amazing. Maybe the lambs are just older now and know the drill. I don't know and I am just happy.

New milking parlor!

When I tell my husband about a project I want to do, he thinks about it awhile, then jumps right in on it. Sometimes without telling me. Or it could be right in the heat of the day, with not a bit of shade anywhere.

That's what he did a few days ago. It was hot and about noon and there was no shade at all right where I wanted the parlor. But he was out there, getting started. I told him I'd help when the sun went behind those trees.

So we got to work when it was shady there. And did this. I really love it a lot! It was like a flippin' sauna in the milk room. And I'd literally be dripping with sweat. So here is my new milking parlor. The girls like it too.

The only thing bad is the girls would jump on the stanchions and poop. Yuck!

So I put a fence around it. To keep them out during the day. Also, when the sheep are back here, they won't get in while I'm milking and bother the goats. I just need a few more loads of mulch to put around in there and outside the pallet gate. I love pallets. They are the most useful things ever.

Oh, and the view is amazing out there! And cooler .