Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Before and after...

Freya before...

and after.The left side was a big hard mass. It's since gone down to nearly nothing. I'm hoping it will get back to normal. Sometime. It still has a little hardness, but so much better.

The right side is now full of really good milk! I am milking this side once a day now. So I am hopeful for the left side.


and now. She is so much better. Gaining weight like crazy. She is the best goat. I'm so glad she's better!

Freya is half Nubian and half Lamancha. She has the Nubian mouth! And is a milk goat, so will be a little bony.

Monday, August 14, 2017

The hawk...

I thought I had this picture on the last post, but it didn't show up. I just thought it was neat. That's my grand daughter Kansas.

More birds and bees.

Ok, this hawk is just a little too comfortable here. I was going out to get ready to move the sheep yesterday and saw this. I actually threw a water can at him but didn't hit him. I thought it was hurt, or a baby, but it had a sparrow. It went under the fence here and over to the corner. That's when I saw the little bird. It was still breathing. So we got the hawk away from it and it flew into the maple tree. The sparrow got away.

This is where it stayed for a long time.It finally went back to where the sparrow had been and stayed there for awhile. Then I had to run it off. I went out to the coop and put some fence back up at the top where it was before. I am so glad I did. Because later, after the chickens were in the coop, the hawk had flown over there and was on the roof. 

This morning, the hawk was sleeping on the fence by the garden. I walked out there to see what it was. I could have caught it. It was sleeping and the head was under the back feathers. Anyway, it flew off and we haven't seen it today.

Allan finally came about 8 last night to get that little swarm. It was there all day. We cut off all the little branches and just put the whole thing in the nuc.

Then he went over to check my hives, to see where those bees came from. He lifted the lid on that hive over to the left and those girls were so mad! They were all over him! It took about 10 minutes for him to get them off him.But he did say the top box was full of honey! So when he brings me my extractor back, I will rob the hives! Probably Thursday or Friday.

I stopped on my way home today to check on 4 of the lambs that a friend got from me. She's had them about a month I think. They've been doing really well there. But when I got to the fence, I heard that sound. That raspy weezy sound. So we went in and sure enough, the female, Emmy, had a big ole puffy face.

So went home, grabbed some wormer and red cell and went back over. Got all 4 lambs and gave them all red cell. I did not worm the boys. They looked fine. But she was going to get B complex and I'll go back in the morning and we'll start that.

Geeze, I am SO tired of sick sheep!! That's all I've been doing for 3 months now! All my ewes are finally better. I have been giving them B shots every day for a week now. I think they might make it. But really, I am tired of this! I am not the only one dealing with this apparently. All over the country, it's pretty bad.

So I am going to milk the goat and go to bed. Good night!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Wool, sheep and hawks, oh my!

It's SO hot here right now. It was only 98 yesterday. Just miserable. It's affecting the sheep. They either stay in the barn or under the trees or porch. They have had barber pole worms real bad too, with all the rain then this heat. I think I finally got the worms under control. I am now trying to get their blood built back up. So I am shooting them every day with B complex and giving them red cell. This seems to be working. And I just moved them back over to the front pasture, where it's been rested about a month now and the grass is looking real good.

This is Ella's wool. She's one of the triplets and the one I kept. She's 4 months now and her wool is about 2 inches long. It's really pretty. All the lambs wool is looking really good. I will have SO MUCH wool again next spring!

This is Darla and her boy Sam. I have never kept any of her lambs before. But he is the sweetest boy and he will be staying here awhile. He loves his momma!

This is Annabelle and her baby Goldberry. She had quads and I gave the other 3 to friends up the road. They all look like her.  I have yet to get Goldberry to let me touch her. It actually took about 4 years for me to get near Annabelle. She now lets me pet her and scratch her face and back. Goldberry is going to be like her.

Annabelle's only other daughter, Buttercup, was like this too. Til she had her lambs. Not I can pet her.

This is some yarn I've been spinning for the past few weeks. I started the white wool a few weeks ago. When I went down to S. Ga. for my sister's surgery in Savannah I took my wheel and spun in the waiting room at the hospital. I love seeing people's expressions when they see me spinning! And I am so surprised that most people have never seen someone spin before. Or know anything about sheep or alpacas. So I get to do a little education about the whole process. Also, the older people come over and tell me about growing up on a farm and how this brings back memories for them. That's fun!

SO I finished the white wool there and started the brown alpaca. Finally finished it yesterday and started plying them together. I really like this and it's so soft too. I really love doing this, but I get so sleepy! It's like driving. Or just sitting. I get so bored. I wish I could do something else while I spin. I'm such a multi-tasker, it's just hard to do only one thing!

And we have a resident hawk family here. I did notice last week a hen was missing. I was hoping she might be sitting on a nest of eggs somewhere. But then I saw the hawks. So she may have been breakfast. These hawks are awfully brave too. I see them in the apple trees. And this morning, I was going to the coop and saw one right in the middle stall. I threw the green feeder at it. Darn hawks. I like them, but not right here.

Have a happy Sunday y'all!

Thursday, August 10, 2017


Sorry this is turned sideways. But this is my husband. This is when we first met. He was in a motorcycle club called the Rappers. They called him Tiny. I didn't know his real name til almost before we got married. Seriously.

We went to the Sherrill family reunion this past weekend and someone brought this box of pictures from years of the reunion. We got to take some of our families pictures. There were some really funny ones! And some of my girls when they were younger that we had to really look close because they looked like the grand daughters.

                        This is us. The girls are probably 11 and 9 here.So cute and sweet!

                           And this is probably 3 or 4 years later. Teen agers! They grew so fast!

It was really fun looking at all the pictures of everyone who's come to the reunion for all these years. This was my 38th year going. It's changed a lot through the years. So many people not here any more. And so many more new ones coming.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Farm stuff...

I had hooked this feeder onto the stanchion last week and have just left it there. I'm glad I did. And it will stay there too. Olga is a very wasteful goat. When I had both stanchions in here and milking both goats, under her stanchion would be about half her feed. She'll take a huge bite, then lift her head. And when she does that, about half of it falls to the floor. I tried sweeping it up and putting it back in. But no, goats will not touch anything that's been on the floor! So the chickens would get it.So I kept hearing things hitting this feeder and it's the food that would have hit the floor, falling into the feeder! Ha! So when she's done with the feed in the wooden feeder, I just dump what's in the green feeder back in. Solved that waste problem!

This is Sugar. He and Misha are always the last to go anywhere. Well, Sugar is.He is either not paying attention when the sheep move to another place or he is pooping. This is the world's slowest alpaca ever. Seriously, this guy saunters. He's the slowest saunterer in the world too. My sister saunters. She never walks fast, even when she's in a hurry. Or when anyone else is in a hurry. She's always behind everyone else. So is this guy. I have to wait a few minutes for him to go through the gate. And if I'm too close, he won't go through. He's so weird.

And THIS guy. Oh my, I want to kill him! He literally crows ALL DAY! And especially when anyone is outside. He follows me into the milk room where the feed is in the morning, and crows in there. First thing in the morning, I am already pissed and cussing! I hate this rooster!

Anyone else have a rooster that just crows all day long?

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Silly goats!

So Olga, on the left, has been gone since Tuesday morning, so I could go down to my sister's. Then we had family reunion yesterday. I just went to get her and this is how they greet each other. And Olga is making the noise that a buck makes. So I think she's in heat. I don't think I've ever noticed it this early before.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The boys

This is Misha and Sugar, my 2 alpaca boys. I have had these guys almost 4 years and they are still weird. I have only touched Sugar a few times. Once when he was sheared here at the farm. And another time, he got all tangled up in the round hay bale twine. He rolls his eyes at me. He's weird. I have pet Misha, when he has his head in the feed bucket. I do love them. They tolerate me. But they love their sheep. When I first got them form my friend Susan, she said I need to give them ivermectin once a month for menengial worm prevention, since they are so susepsusceptible to them. So this is how I do it.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Time for elderberries!

When I got home from town today, I grabbed my new .99 bucket from Goodwill and a pair of scissors and went out to the 2 elderberry bushes. I've been noticing the pretty purple berries ripening.

I got a good bucket full of them. Now to take them all off the stems and put in baggies for the freezer. I'll make lots of elderberry syrup this fall and winter to ward off colds and flu.

While at Goodwill today, I found this cute little t shirt. it's too small for me, but I got it anyway. I'll make a pillow out of it. I couldn't leave it there. It's too cute right?

Last day of July!

This poor hen. I got 6 baby chicks last year and she's the only one that made it. Her name is Maren. She's a Cookoo Maran. And the rooster always chases her away when I feed them. So I put her in the milk room while milked Olga and she got her own food, without being chased away. The rooster does like her, as you can tell by her back. He just doesn't want her to eat with them.

Still only lost 5 pounds. Very discouraging. But not giving up.

I'm going back down to South Ga.. My sister is having surgery Wed. in Savannah. So I'll be there for her for a few days. The Sherrill family reunion is this weekend up in Ozone Tn. So have to be back for that. Plus I still have 3 ewes that keep getting barber pole worms. I am SO frustrated!! It's been going on for about 2 months now and I'm so sick of giving worm meds, shots and everything else.

I was so nice here yesterday. Like no humidity at all! I did not sweat all day! I would have put my spinning outside and spun on the porch if it weren't for all the horrid flies!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Friday, July 28, 2017


it's a rainy Friday here in Ga. All the sheep, alpacas and goats are in this barn. They have hay and I put a bucket of fresh water with ACV in it so they won't have to go out in the rain.

When I went to my studio this morning, I saw this. Olga is getting the rain water as it's coming off the roof. Must be so much better than the city water right next to her.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Emmy's adventure

This is Emmy. In the front seat of my husband's truck this morning. Ready for her new adventure. She was going to live with Frodo, Tom and Pippin at my friend Lori's farm.

I also had the back of the truck full of pallets for my friend Cara for a little shelter  when she got her sheep, and a gallon of goat milk to deliver to another friend. Then I had to go interview a potential caregiver for Mrs. T at 12:30.

The pallets and milk were on the way to Lori's and I was going to drop them off first. But then, Emmy was in the front seat of my husband's truck. And I was so afraid she might pee.

I did decide to drop the milk off. I ran in and ran back out in less than 3 minutes. And she had pooped. It stunk bad. She didn't pee though. So hurried as fast as I could to Lori's so I could get her out of the truck.

We got there without anything else happening. Got her out and found the boys and let her go with them. They have a great big yard full of grass and good things for lambs to eat. Lori wants to keep her to breed later for more meat sheep.

Went to the interview. There were 2 of the caretakers there at the time Jean came, so we all just loved her! Mrs. T did too. I think she will be a great fit for us. Mrs. T's daughter will be here next week and will meet her and Jean will work with another of the caregivers and stay the night, to see how things are done there. Then if she's hired, she will start working!! I so hope this works. We've been looking for someone for a few months now. Hard to find good caretakers.

Then went and dropped off the pallets. Cara was coming to get more sheep! She got 2 ram lambs, Legolas and Bilbo, plus Bilbo's mother Cameron, and Eryn, one of Buttercup's triplets. Emmy is another of the triplets  and I'm keeping Ella. So the boys will be butchered and she will keep the ewes for starting a flock of meat sheep. She'll breed them with a Katahdin ram.

It turned out Cara couldn't get all 4 of the sheep in the back part of her van, so I ended up taking Cameron and Bilbo in my Trooper. Oh my goodness, it was a mess of poop and pee by the time I got there. And it's only like 10 miles away! Then we had to put the other 2 lambs in to get them to where their new pen was. It was SO gross!

So I have sold 7 lambs and a ewe. Cameron was my only black ewe, but her wool wasn't really that good. So I decided to sell her. And Bilbo is such a momma's boy. He's as big as her.

I have 14 sheep now. It feels good. I've kept 2 boys, so if their wool isn't very good, they'll be butchered later.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Less and less.

Yesterday 3 lambs left the farm. Frodo, Tom Bombadil and Pippin. My friend Sarah got Frodo and Lori got the other 2. They will stay at Lori's place. Lori already said she's falling in love with them all. I can believe that! They are certainly addictive. Lori's husband want s a ewe lamb too, so I think Emmy would be a good one.

I went out last night and just watched them. They really are calming. When they're being good!

I am so glad I have my 2 alpacas. They love their sheep. And they really are good guard animals, no matter what people say. If they see something strange, they make the loudest screech ever and the sheep run to the barn, as fast as they can! The boys will stay until all danger is past.

This is Elin. She's staying. She's Adalaide's ewe lamb. Her brother Legolas might be sold.

I want to keep her just to see if her wool is going to be good. Adalaide has the most kinky wool for a Finn. I have not spun it yet. Most of it will be made into dryer balls, unless if I take it to a mill, they can make roving with it. I do hope Elin's will be better. It's a creamy very light reddish color.

My friend who bought all my doe kids told me she might like to get some lambs for meat and to start a flock. I told her I would sell Cameron and her son Bilbo, Legolas and Eryn. So she'd have 2 ewes to start a flock of meat sheep. She can breed with a Katahdin and have really good sized lambs and good meat.

So if she gets those 4 and Lori gets another lamb, that'll leave me with 14. I think I might be able to handle that.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

If you can't find any eggs...

just look in the big round bale of hay. In the middle, where the sheep made a perfectly good sized hole. Just for the hens to lay all their eggs in.

Freya is getting better!

This is her udder this morning. The right side is full of milk now! The cats and chickens are getting it. I'll try it in about a week. She had a lot of antibiotics and other things. The left side is getting smaller and less hard. I am trying to get as much out of it as I can. It's real thin and brown. I'm rubbing comfrey salve on the udder twice a day.It's looking so much better.

This is her 3 weeks ago. Can't even see the right side.

I sure do hope this clears up and her udder is ok.

Monday, July 24, 2017


Ugh, this is not going as well as last time. I have only lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks. I guess the bread has got to go too.

My grand daughter Coryn took all these pictures. She saw my camera one day and asked to use it. She has takes several hundred pictures so far. And I think they are all so good.

This is Coryn. She's 15 and the middle child. Like me. She cut her hair and did the bangs. I love her.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Mommas gone wild!

So that lasted til about 10 oclock last night.

My husband asked me if there were supposed to be any sheep next door in the yard. No, they were supposed to be out back with the goats. Well, there are sheep in the yard next door.

So I got dressed again, in my dirty ole farm clothes, ran outside, and sure enough, there'a all the crazy momma sheep, standing at the little gate that leads to the pasture where all the screaming lambs were.

So went ahead and put the darm mommas back over there with their poor little lambs. Who, by the way, were doing just FINE earlier!

Don't they all look so happy together?????

We went out back to see what happened. So this gate was just laying flat on the ground. They had picked it up and thrown it down on the ground...

and got to this cattle panel, that I had just like this. And proceeded to move it to the middle of the yard.

So now, they are all back together again, after a very loud stressful day (for me!). I am putting a sign out front in a few minutes. I have them on Craig's list in Chattanooga, Atlanta, Knoxville and Nashville. Plus on face book. I just might have to take them to a sale barn. And I really do not want to do that.

Just TOO many sheep!!