Friday, June 26, 2015

Feels so good.....

on a hot day. Every morning, this is what happens here at Outback Farm. Alpacas get a cold shower. They love it.  I discovered this last year. I was putting water in the trough and these 2 just stood staring at me. So I turned the hose on them and they loved it. So ever since, when it's hot, they get a cold shower.

Sugar just lays right down after awhile. He's so funny. Misha always gets right in front of him anyway.

Can you see the pretty spider web right above the sheep back scratcher? That spider was busy all night making that beauty. When I let the sheep over here, this is the first thing they do, scratch their backs on this board.

So good Friday morning to you all. I am off to Mrs. T's for the day. I'm bringing wool to make dryer balls while I'm there. Then when I get home, it's out to pick green beans and kale for the market in the morning. And make zucchini bread. I have not even licked the spoon when I make it. And I don't even want to. Yesterday, I took Mrs. T to the doctor and on the way home, she wanted to stop and get ice cream. She kept asking me if I wanted some of hers and couldn't believe I didn't have any. But it doesn't even look good to me any more.

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