Thursday, June 4, 2015

SO excited!

I just had to share this. My very first ever hot process goat milk soap!! I have always had a hard time with goat milk soap. It's always too soft. So I've been watching you tube videos and asking questions about hot process soap. It looks so fun and easy and you can use the soap right away. No curing for 2 months, like cold process. So I decided to give this a try.

Got my coconut and olive oil in the crock pot on warm. I had goat milk frozen in 8 oz baggies. So got out 2 cups and thawed it out a little. When the oils were melted, I added the lye-goat milk. Stirred, then stick blended. For ever and ever. I had bought a new blender and it was getting hot! My hands were burning. But it finally got to a good trace.

So every 10 minutes or so, I'd stir it. It has several different stages it goes through. I think this is the "mashed potato" stage.

I waited too long to stir again and thought I'd lost it. All the oils were on top and it was brown. So I just stirred and stirred, for a long time, til it all blended back together again. I was quite happy to see that!

Then it got to this last stage, quite shiny and soapy. So took it out of the pot and added some lavender EO. This is a 5 pound recipe, so had a little less than a half of an 8 oz. bottle, so added it all.  And stirred and stirred, til it was all stirred together.

Then poured, or really glopped, it into my mold.

Isn't this pretty? I am so amazed I did this! Now I just hope it gets hard. So, my first ever hot process goat milk soap. Done! All this is in olive oil and coconut oil and goat milk with lavender essential oil.

I also made some lotion bars. On the left, I just came up with a blend of EO's for a bug repellent bar. I hope it works.

On the right is lemongrass, my favorite. I still have lard lemongrass soap too.

Now I want to make more of this soap. It's so cool. And fun and easy and didn't take near as long as cold process. I always worried about getting the temps all just right. With hot process, I don't have to worry about the temperature!


SweetLand Farm said...

Hey good job! I've made cold pressed soap too. Only with cows milk. It's the best soap!

Kris said...

Thanks! I just hope it turns out good. I have no idea how long to leave it in the mold. I guess til it feels hard enough? Haven't tried cow's milk yet. I bet it is good.