Thursday, June 18, 2015

Just a little shower.

I went ahead and picked our first red ripe Rutger tomato this morning! And we had it with dinner tonight. I don't care what anyone says, you just cannot beat a fresh out of the garden home grown tomato. Anywhere. Just can't be done. I had breakfast, or brunch really, today at the Bluegrass Cafe on Main ST. It was SO good and I will be going back there. But they get their tomatoes from Linda's produce. Those are not fresh local tomatoes. Sorry. No flavor at all. But this one, oh my goodness gracious! So juicy and tomato-y. I can hardly wait for more now. But I do love trying out some of the good new places to eat in Chattanooga.

It looked like it was going to rain all day here. So I hung out a load of clothes and got the bad goat back in the back. Olga, the flying goat, went over a low spot up between the back and the back yard. Just flew right on over. I was out there hanging the clothes when she did it. So I got that all blocked up, put her in the milk room, got Freja and the milk bucket. It was just 7. I usually milk at 7:30. But it looked like it could rain.

Well, it did. It poured. For about 10 minutes. Long enough to get soaking wet. I got the goats back in the barn with some hay and I ran back to the house. Soaked! But it felt so good. I got dried off and put on my big ole t-shirt, with no bra. Finished getting dinner ready. Just about finished and a car out in the driveway, someone honking the horn. It's our friends from up the road. So I had to run look for a bra and get it on. We had a little visit outside, they were just driving home and decided to stop. Well, me and Isabelle were getting bit by something out on the driveway. On our left boobs. It was crazy. We were both ready to rip our shirts off! It was quite funny.

My camera battery was dead this morning, so it's been charging all day while I was gone. Then I was too tired to take any pictures of the garden/ Everything's growing so fast. I am so happy to see the corn doing so well. It's almost as tall as me and some already has some tassels! The bees will love this.

Bank to Mrs. T's for the day Friday. Then farmers market Sat. morning, a wedding at 2, then another wedding at 6. I'm tired already!

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Betty Ann said...

Tired just reading this lol! My Dad grew Rutgers tomatoes. None better!