Wednesday, June 3, 2015

All is well in the kingdom...

I think I have finally got the animals all put where they need to be again. These goats are a mess!I had them in the back yard since I've had them. Olga has gotten out a few times, and ends up in the milk room. This last time though, was the last straw. My husband looked out the dining room window Monday night. Said there's a goat in the yard. I ran outside and there was Miss Olga, eating a few blue berry bushes. Then she ran to a few more bushes. I finally caught the witch and put them both in the goat yard. She hasn't gotten out yet. Keeping my fingers crossed though.

They both stay right here, at the fence. Whining and calling to me all day. These are 2 lazy goats!

So we walked all around the fence line. I had my clippers with me and cut a lot of locust and oak and pine branches for them. I dragged all the branches to this little tree up in the middle of this pic. I also cut a lot of honeysuckle off the field fence up at the top of the yard. I know the electric fence  is still working because Olga got bit twice! I don't know why I think that's so darn funny, but it is!

And all the sheep and alpacas are back over in the South pasture for awhile. They really are over there. When it gets too hot for them, they all go in this little barn. Where the elderberry tree is, just past it, is a little area they go in. But this grass is nice and tall and lush over here right now. They'll stay here til the North pasture grows back out.

So the sheep and alpacas are all together and the goats are together, separately now though. Where they're supposed to be. I think they are all happy again.

There is a bird nest in the yellow apple tree. I think it's a mocking bird nest.

And the swallow nest is getting bigger every day. It's so funny though. When we're in the milk room milking, they'll both fly in then fly right back out. Sometimes they'll come on in to do some work. There's a phone line right outside the door they sit on. I am constantly talking to them, telling it's ok. They're so cute. I just hope the baby birds don't attract a darn snake later.

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