Monday, June 22, 2015

Around the farm today.

 I looked up how long it takes for blue bird eggs to hatch. 12-14 days. This poor momma is hot.I put a bowl of water out there for her. So I think just a few more days. I will be glad when they hatch, because then a few weeks later, they will fly away! I have not been able to use my front porch. Whenever I go out the front door, she flies away. I also read that the father looks for food for the mother while she's sitting on the eggs. What a great guy, right?

And look at this! Baby barn swallows already! There are 4 of them that I can see. 2 on each su=ide. They have the biggest mouths ever. And every time I come in the milk room, they are almost hanging out. I put a box with some hay in it right under the nest, just in case one falls out. Baby birds are just really ugly. These are all mouth.

There's 1 on the right side looking over the edge.

One of the parents. They look alike to me. Most birds you can tell male from female, but not these birds. They are very diligent. One of these days, I am going to have a bird right in my face though. They fly out when I go in the door. But now, when I'm milking Freja, both of them will come on in and feed the babies. I am talking to them the whole time. I just love these birds all over.

                                                My front yard is full of day lilies right now.

This is a pot of flowers I bought last year that's coming back. It was so pretty last year.

More day lilies. I love this color. And the yellow ones.

My harvest today from the garden. I've been getting lots of squash and zucchini. I make zucchini bread and sell it at the market. And these tomatoes are SO good.

I spent all day yesterday washing 2 fleeces. The brown is Cameron and the white is another white fleece, not really sure who it is. The black milk crate on the floor is Campbelles' fleece washed.  And in the red basket on the other side of the crate is half of Annabelle's.

This is Adelaide's from last year. I've been using the evil hand combs to make little bird nest rovings. It's so pretty and soft.

It's just HOT here these days. I made up 2 poems or Haikus about the heat.

I like spring and fall.
That is all.

The parking lot
is hot.

Yeah, it's just plain ole hot now. And all week, in the high 90's.Trying to keep the animals all watered and cool. I forgot the milk bucket this morning in the freezer. I hate frozen thawed out goat milk. It's just not good to me. So I put it out in the chicken coop for the girls. They loved it. I've been getting 7 eggs again! All of them laying again. I hope no one tries to steal my hens, since egg prices have gone up. Crazy.

So, all day Saturday, I was outside. Farmers market til 12. Then hurried home to the first wedding up on the mountain at our friends Wolf man and Bambi. Our friend Rodney got married to his girlfriend. Wolf man married them. Rodney was our best man in our wedding 35 years ago. We had good food there. BBQ smoked in a big smoker. Lots of good food. Saw lots of old biker friends there. Lots of old bikers now! It was fun. In the shade too. So pretty nice. Then down to the next wedding at Mt. Cove Farm, about 5 miles from us. The mountain wedding was just 13 miles from us. This was my husband's niece's daughter. It was outside too, way back at the foot of Lookout Mt.. It was nice and shady there too. Then we had more BBQ! Can never have enough BBQ, right? I had to leave at 7:30 to go milk a goat. My husband didn't get home til about 12:30. They danced and had lots of fun after I left. That's ok. They really did have fun. Both our daughters and Kansas, danced and danced. So a very nice busy day. I was so tired Sunday.


Betty Ann said...

Wow!! Don't know how to comment on all that! What a supercalifragilistic weekend! Some of everything. :) Made me smile to read it all!

Kris said...

I like being busy, but then I also like having nothing to do too. It did wear me out.