Tuesday, June 16, 2015


and holding. Always wanted to say that. But now I'm tired of it. I've been at 211 for a week now and not going down. A little depressing. But I know it will soon. I need to get on my bike again. It's just been too hot. Sweating would be good for me though. I've been getting out in the garden and weeding a lot lately too.

And I just love my walks gathering dandelion flowers for my tea every morning. It's become quite a habit and something I look forward to. I start by walking past the honey bee hive and telling them all good morning. Then I walk all around the garden, hunting that big beautiful yellow blossom. After I walk the garden, I go down one side of the driveway and back up the other. Then I go into the chicken yard and search in the pasture area. After that, it's the side yard, where my studio is and the other side of the fence near the driveway. Then, if the grass hasn't been mowed in a few days, I'll check the front yard. By then, I'll have a huge hand full of dandelion goodness. These past few days though, the supply has been down. I'll add some of my peppermint leaves to the pot and simmer awhile. Then add some of my yummy honey. I just love my dandelion tea. I usually go out after breakfast, between 8 and 10:30. After that, it's too hot and they are all gone, folded back up from the heat of the day. I try to leave some for the bees too. But right now, they are more into the clover and elderberry all over the place.

Walking through the wet grass in early morning, barefoot, is so fun. Sometimes I step on prickly invasive weeds that hurt. It brings back memories if when I was a young teen. We lived on Tybee Island. One day I was walking across someone's vacant lot barefoot, which I always was, and stepped on so many stickery things. It was all through the lot. I cried it hurt so bad. I finally made it out and never went back there again.

So today, I am going to finish my Sunburst Granny square blanket. I might try to sell it, not sure yet. Then I'll start on my skirt. I need pins though. Loaned my box to a friend up the road, so need to go get them. Then I'll work on skirting more wool and washing it. My studio is smelling like sheep. Dirty sheep. So that needs to be done. Then I might send some of the fleeces off to be made into roving to spin. Thinking about it.

Yesterday morning, as I was walking into the milk room, I noticed a little tiny egg shell on the floor. So I think the barn swallows are hatching. I don't hear them yet, but mom and dad are busy birds, going in and out all day. They are getting used to me and the goats and cats now. They used to fly out and wait til we were all gone. Now, they just fly on in. They have too much important stuff to do now!

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