Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I am a senior...

  at the Goodwill in Statesboro. I wasn't sure at first, when she asked. I asked what the age is. She said over 55. I just turned 56 in June. But I got 10% off. I am ok with this. 10% is good. I might just start asking at other places. I like saving money.

So I found  these 2 wooden boxes there. They're both the same, one's just turned over. I thought they'd make great soap molds. Then display boxes to hold the soaps at market. The one on the right is turned over to the mold side. The one n the left is the display side. Pretty cool for $3.99 each.

And the plastic box I got at Big Lots. It's a storage box. I had gotten one like it at Target and it makes a great soap mold, with the lid. So I got this one. I love them. They're the perfect size for the recipes I make. I get about 18 bars from this mold.

I found some paintings from a girl named Marley. There were several of hers there, but I liked this one the best. It makes me sad when I see paintings and pottery from someone's kids at thrift stores. I have to rescue them. Little tiny pottery pieces that a child made. How can anyone get rid of things like that?

My sister has moved back to S. Ga. and across the street from her house was a pile of stuff that was thrown out of a rental house. Me and mom went over to see what we could find. Mostly crap, but I did find these 2 Coke crates. They make great drying racks for soap. Or to haul produce or other things to market. And they were free!

My mom and I had gone down to S. Ga. for a funeral. We left Sunday afternoon. The visitation was Monday evening and the funeral was Tuesday morning. It was hot down there. When we got back home though, it was nearly cold! I dropped mom off at her house and when I got home, I opened all the windows and turned the AC off again. I love this!

So my husband took care of the animals for me while we were gone. It's kind of nice not to have to worry about milk goats right now. I feel like I have so much more freedom to go off for a few days. And he did good. When I got home last night, he was on his way to put the chickens up and gather eggs.

Next Friday, I am going to Huntsville, Al. to see Joel Salatin at some kind of home school conference with a friend who's husband can't go. I am SO excited!!!!!!! I have always wanted to go hear him speak. And I had just told my mom on the way home how I was wanting to really think about which way I want this little farm to go. This is like an answer to prayer. I can hardly wait!

I hope it's cool where ever y'all are this week. It's going to be nice at market this afternoon, I do believe.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tuesday. Stuck in the rain.

   Tuesdays are my day to run around with my mother. We have lunch somewhere, then go shopping. Sometimes we don't have a lot to do. Other times we don't have enough time to do it all. I do enjoy my time with her. She is going to start being very busy, with all her volunteer work. But we try to keep Tuesdays for us.

   So yesterday, when I got home, I picked up the cow carcass in the front yard, and got to mowing. I could see the black clouds heading this way from the N-E. So knew we could possibly get some rain soon.

   I got the front yard mowed. Then headed to the chicken yard. I hate for that grass to get too tall because I'm so afraid of snakes. So I have to keep it mowed down. It was sprinkling pretty good by then, so I put the mower in fast and got it finished. Just in time for the down pour!

    I made it to the garden shed, parked the mower, and here it came. I was stuck! But it was such a wonderful time to be stuck. I sat on the mower and put my bare feet out in the rain. It got cooler and cooler, the more it rained too. I could see the sheep over in the big pasture. They were under the trees. One by one, they headed to the barn. Some ran. Some just meandered and grabbed bites of grass along the way. Darla, the biggest ewe, loves the rain and will stay the longest in it. They all finally went inside the barn, because it was coming down, fast and hard!

    I have a bee garden under the big cedar tree in front of my garden shed. It's all blue and purple flowers. The cedar tree was just dripping nice cool rain on all of them. I could almost hear the flowers thanking the Lord for the drink of fresh cool water.

    I saw the garden getting a wonderful watering too. So very welcome in these July days of growth.

    I had gone by the Garden hive on the mower and noticed the whole front of the hive full of bees. It had been really hot and humid, so figured they were just hanging out, getting fresh air. I wonder what bees do when their hive is so full of bees. Do they get mad that they have to walk over each other? Do they holler at each other to get out of the way? Do they want to have their own space, away from the others, just to think and have time alone?

     Anyway, I got a bit too close to the back of the hive, and just barely hit the bottom. Those bees took off all over. And I had a hard time getting the mower backed out of the way! But no stings and all was well after a few minutes. By then, it was pouring rain and they all went back inside, except a few that wanted the coolness.

    It was really loud up under that metal roof, with the rain beating down on it. But it was a nice time, just sitting, watching the rain water my little world. I guess I stayed out there a good half hour, just waiting til it slowed down. But it didn't, so I just ran inside. Took a nice shower and we had pizza for dinner. I think that'll be our new Tuesday dinner. Pizza. And I made a strawberry and banana salad too.

    Today is the Main St. farmer's market. I so enjoy this market. It's almost down town Chattanooga. The people there are amazing. I went out earlier this morning and picked some okra, peppers, tomatoes and oregano and orange mint to take to market. Plus my soap, needle felted critters and salves. I hope it doesn't rain during market though.

PS: Kristin, I tried to comment on your blog, but it disappeared. But your soaps look amazing and I love the colors. In the pictures, one looks almost red. But I wanted you to know I tried to comment.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cucumber soaps

 These are all the soaps I made yesterday...

cucumber-basil. This soap smells so good! I used fresh basil from my garden with cut up cucumbers. I use a stick blender, so it chops it all up real good. Makes the soap green, which I like.

cucumber-mint. I just used barely over a T. of mint EO, plus fresh mint from the garden. It's not too strong, but just enough mint to make it refreshing.

Cucumber-melon. I got this EO in Manitou Springs, just outside Colorado Springs, last year while visiting my sister and brother. There is a little shop that has the freshest oils. I've been wanting to use this but wanted fresh cucumbers. It is a light melon scent with bits of cucumber throughout. Very pretty soap.

And this is the plantain-lavender castille I made a few weeks ago. It's a really hard bar and smells so good. I didn't put too much lavender EO, just enough for a slight scent. Then sprinkled lavender flowers on top.

I try so hard to get each bar this size. Most are.

So, just a start to some new soaps coming out of my new studio. It's so nice to have a whole house to put all my supplies and not have to worry about cleaning up too much when I'm done. And I love the shelf I got from Home Depot. On sale, already put together, for just $75.00! Perfect for all my soap making supplies right there in the kitchen. You can see my oils underneath the soaps. I got all 4 batches of soap on one shelf.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday ramblings...

I just realized I have not blogged in a week. I have just not felt like it really. It's been kind of boring and dreary here. And basically doing a lot of the same ole things.

Some things are more involved than others on a farm. Like with sheep. One day, I think all is well. The next, not so much. I was pretty sure the 2 boys I castrated were doing so much better and made it through the worst part. So I had left them alone a few days. I moved them all over to the big pasture a few days ago. Then yesterday, I noticed the boys were moving slow. Laying down off by their selves. Got closer and noticed lots of gnats around their back ends. Also saw Cameron, one of their sisters, was limping a bit.

So grabbed some feed, antibiotic shots, wormer, wound and fly sprays and hoof trimmers. Got them all in the little feed area. Got both boys and checked them. One felt a bit warm. Gave them both shots, wormed them, doused them in wound and fly spray. Then got my 3 little bottle lambs and trimmed hooves and wormed all 3 of them. Today, they all look good.

Then a little later, I had gone outside to check the mail and heard one of the young lambs. She was standing beside the electric net fence, which was not on, but I haven't taken it down yet. I walked down to the mail box and on the way back, she's still standing by the fence. On the other side from the rest of the flock. I then realized, she'd gotten her head stuck in the netting. Stupid lamb! So ran over and got her head out. Then took the fence down and rolled it up and took it away. That's 4 times a lamb had gotten stuck in that fence. While it wasn't on, thankfully.

I had a pair of wrens build a nest in the back porch laundry room. All the babies hatched and then all decided to leave. I was so glad they left when they did. Because that night, a snake got in there and was probably looking for the babies. I only saw it because it knocked down a jar off my canning shelf. So I turned the light on and looked out the window. Saw the tail going up and up on my shelves of canned goods. I screamed for my husband and scared him to death! It took an hour to get that darn snake. I'll spare you all the details.

I finally got motivated to make soap today. I made 3 soaps. All the same recipe. 1 is cucumber-melon. Another is cucumber-basil. Another is cucumber-mint. All with fresh cucumber, basil and mint. I love how different they all turned out. The basil is green from the fresh basil. I love that one. Can't wait to take them out of the molds. It says to leave in molds only 3 hours. But they are still a little soft and still setting up. So I just left the tops off. I'll take them out tomorrow and cut them to cure. Only 4-6 weeks for these. I'll make more maybe Thursday. I want to make a ginger soap.

And the honey bees are doing so good. They seem to be growing and growing! I had added a box of frames on each hive a few weeks ago. When my mentor came a week ago last Thurs. They hadn't done anything in the new boxes yet. I've been feeding them sugar water the past few weeks now. I went up yesterday to check on them both and just took the top off. There were so many bees I could see through the hole in the top. It was late, so didn't take that top off.. I'll wait for a nicer day to check on progress. It's supposed to be gloomy and rainy all week here. But am happy they're all doing so well.

I've been making more needle felted things. And carding some wool. Going to markets. My cucumbers are taking off right now. And okra. And tomatoes. I'm getting a few ears of corn every few days just for us to eat. It's so good. I want to get the garden tilled and start on the fall crops soon. But not this week. Which is fine. At least by the 1st week in Aug. Can you believe it's almost August already???

I'll try to be more consistent here. I just feel so boring right now. Hope y'all are having a better week.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Just a few more...

                                                  Another ewe-lamb pair. In pink.

                                                 A lime green owl. This is some alpaca.

                                                            And 2 more little bunnies.

                                                Off to market with the rest of the critters.  


I went to check the boys. I have to give them all feed to get them in to the little area so I can catch certain ones I need to check. So they all come in. Except the alpacas. They are the slowest creatures around. I mean, they are in no hurry at all. So they got shut out the first round.

I put the feed in the big trough. They all gathered round. I grabbed one of the boys. I can usually tell them apart when they're out and about. But I grabbed one, slung him on his back and checked his back end. This one didn't need hosed off at all! No sign of maggots and the sack was drying up! So I just sprayed him down real good with the wound and fly sprays. Off he went to eat.

Then I grabbed the other one. Slung him down on his back and checked him. His just came right off! And no signs of maggots either! So he got doused real good too.

I am so thankful I caught this when I did. Or I do believe they would have died. There is still a chance. I'll go ahead and give them another shot of antibiotic, just in case, in the morning. Then they should be good.

It's been so dry here lately. This afternoon, I put the sprinkler on my flower garden. It was looking pretty sad. I watered the cucumber plants and the other little garden in front of the garden shed yesterday. Now I hear thunder to the South. I hope we get some rain here.

How is it looking in your part of the country?

My boys

July 4th, husband and I banded the 2 ram lambs. They were 4 months old exactly. Gave them CDT and Banamine shots too.

Then didn't think about it til a few days ago. I had been really busy all week, shopping for Mrs. T's birthday weekend. She has been saying for the past year she's going to be 100 on her birthday. She's really 97 now. But we all let it go and let her keep saying it. So this was going to be "the big one" for her and they all wanted it to be special. So I was going nearly every day, shopping and other things for this.

A few days ago, I noticed the boys lifting their legs a lot and laying down. But it didn't register in my brain why.

So yesterday morning, I got all the sheep in the little pen and grabbed some feed. I grabbed a lamb and turned him over and was met with maggots. All over the poor guys rear area. I freaked out. It was awful.

I had to go get stuff to clean them with and sprays. I got 2 LA200 shots and some Vetericyn spray get and home made fly spray. That's all I had on hand. So I grabbed one of them and got them on their back. Sprayed the area really good with the hose. Then poured the Vet gel in and sprayed them all over with fly spray.

Then later that afternoon, before going to Mrs. T's, we went to Tractor Supply. I got a can of wound spray and sheep fly spray. I had 2 shots of Banamine left. So got them again. Sprayed them off really good, doused them with the wound spray and fly spray and a shot of Banamine.

This morning, I only had to hose one of them off. Doused them both really good with wound and fly spray. Tomorrow, another shot of LA200 antibiotic.

They both are eating and have been. They look so much better today though. I felt horrible for them. Poor guys. I should have known, this time of year, with the heat and so many flies, that I should have been keeping them both sprayed down good. But lesson learned. I will NOT do this again! I think they'll both be ok now. I'll continue doing this til the testicle sacks fall off. They are just about ready to. I know, I should have taken them to the vet. But it was Sunday. He would have done the same things I did. But could have cut them off and maybe stitched them up good. I can do that myself as well. And might end up doing it. But I figure I can keep them sprayed really good with the wound and fly spray.

SO, another reason to not have more lambs.

Cute little laundry room babies

 All 4 of those tine little eggs hatched. And they are all out of the nest today. All lined up, one after the other. The parents are busy all day, feeding these hungry babes. I was thinking the little guy in front got most of the food.

So just a few minutes ago, while I was getting clothes out of the washer to hang outside, that 1st little bird flew off the shelf! I was so afraid it would get through the door to the outside world of horrible evil cats. So I got it to fly back away from the door. Now I'm afraid it is behind that big cabinet, all alone. Maybe it will make it's way back up to the shelf and it's siblings.  hear it back there. I had no idea they were already so big they could fly. I feel like a protective bird guardian and can't let anything happen to them while they are in my care.

I hope they all make it in that big ole world out there.

PS: Now 3 of them have flown off the shelf. The last little one is still there.

PPS: Now they are all gone. Just gone. Not even a goodbye or anything. Gone. I hope they make it out there in the big world. Maybe they'll come back tonight. I think it's going to rain.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

From my studio...

I've been working in my studio, making needle felted critters and woodland faeries and owls. I still have so much more to create for market this week. Gotta get busy! But this past week was really busy, with shopping for several days from Mrs. T's birthday weekend. So that's all behind me now, I can really get to work.

Some of the cute little Outback Owlies. SO cute! When I first started making them, they looked like Furrbies. Do they look like that to anyone else? I hope it's just me. Although the husband did say they looked like Furrbies to him too.

My silly bunny. Need to work on the moth I think. But these are not perfect critters. More whimsical I think.

My Suffolk ewe and lamb pair.

And this cow. I made this cow a long time ago. Last fall I believe. I kept wanting to take it all apart and make something else. But the other day, I just sat down with her and she became a Holstein milk cow. A total transformation!

And these are my Cotswold ewe and lamb pair, with purple collars.

You can't really see it, but the sheep standing up has curly wool and is so cute. The other is laying down, looking up.

And my first 2 little woodland faeries. I want to make some with wings, but need to figure out how to make wings. Maybe need to wet felt them to make them kind of transparent.

And today, I made a lime green owl with shimmery white wings. And a cute different set of ewe and lamb. I'll take more pictures when I make more.

I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for a whole new week.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Sharing a good blog post from a fellow blogger I like...

and it's about bees and flowers, 2 of my most favorite things any more. But lately, whenever I try to post a comment on their blog, it just disappears. There are a few more blogs where this happens too. Very frustrating. But go check out their blog. Too cute.



Mom and dad sure are busy these days...

The baby birds in the nest in the laundry room are getting bigger and bigger every day. And noisy too! Keeping poor mom and dad on the run for more food.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Zucchini fritters and dill sauce...

I had a big zucchini out in the garden so grated it up, added an egg, salt, pepper, grated onion, some chopped fresh dill-weed and self rising flour. Fried them up in a cast iron skillet in a little oil. Then made some dill sauce with plain Greek yogurt with chopped fine dill-weed and salt. Yum. It was very good.

Honey bees are doing great!

 I had a friend come this morning, to check on my hives. He's the president of the honey bee club here in N. Ga. So I trust him. He also has many, many hives, all over. We went to the Garden hive first, which is the 2nd pic here. This is the hive, when I first got them, that he helped me install in the hive. He was a bit worried about this hive. But today, when he opened the top, he was quite impressed with how they have grown. They had already filled all the frames and were starting in on the "upstairs"! We did see a few SHB, so we set traps in both. Last night, I just lifted the lid on the Garden hive, and a moth flew out. So I was thinking I might have wax moths again. He said practically every hive has them. But this is a strong hive and the bees won't let them in. I was happy to hear that.

The Outback hive always has those long roach bugs in the top when I lift their lid. I try to kill them, but they are pretty fast. We also saw a few SHB and put a trap in there too. They are looking great too. And were very active. He said to continue feeding them. This hive had already drank all this sugar water.

So I am very happy to know that both hives are doing so well!

This is the sunset from last night. It was so pretty.

And one of the really big sunflowers, the birds have been eating from. I've seen the American Goldfinch on these. I love those birds.

And we have our youngest grand daughter, Kansas, most days now. Here she is, trying to draw a horse. I used to draw horses all the time when I was a kid. Had all the plastic horses. Dreamed of having a horse of my own one day. Finally got one. Had her 3 years, got bucked off, and that was it for me!

We have had some nice rain the past few days here. We sure did need it. I had mowed this whole property a few days ago. Now will have to mow again in a day or so. And now I don't have enough animals to eat all this grass down. I might have to get a cow or small horse. Who knows.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday. In the studio...

That sounds pretty cool. In the studio. My own little studio. I love it.

So I finally made the first batch of soap of 2014 today. I've had some plantain infusing in olive oil about a month now. So made plantain-lavender castille soap. It takes 8-10 weeks to cure. Long time. I'll go tomorrow to the International Market and get more Palm oil so I can start making more. Once I get in the mood to make soap, I go for it. I have lots of different scent ideas rolling around my head right now. So I have to make soap!

And while the lye and oil were getting to the same temps, I started needle felting some sheep. It sure does take a long time to make one sheep. Lots of little stuff to make. People seem to like the white sheep more than the black sheep. My favorite is the darker sheep. That's ok. I just washed a whole white fleece last week. So I will be making felted critters again.

Sure is extremely quiet here these days. Goodness, I had no idea how noisy goats were. Til they all left. I can hear birds again. I can walk out the door and not hear a goat holler. It's great! No, I do not miss them either. At all. May not ever get another goat.

The honey bees are doing great so far. They sucked up that sugar water really fast. I guess I shouldn't have put the new boxes on. Nothing going on in the Outback hive yet. I'll go check the Garden hive and see what they are doing.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

Alpacas in the Outback...

The alpacas got in to the outback. I'll keep them back there a few days. They seem to be liking it ok. Plenty of shade for them all and a barn too. It's supposed to rain again Wednesday. Sure is nice out today.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Random Saturday...

 These boys have been practicing and jumping on all the girls. Just being obnoxious teenage boys. I had planned on castrating at 3 months, but time just got away. The other night, they were really being bad. So I decided to go ahead and castrate them. I didn't want to have to separate them, but keep them with the flock. And since I am not sure right now if I even want to breed sheep again, this is the best way to go.

So last night, I got everything together. First couldn't find bands, so had to call a freind up the road. He had some! Had already gotten shots of Banamine. And got 2 syringes of CDT. And of course some grain. And the hubby! Can't forget the most important part.

And these guys were BIG! I first checked to make sure when they were born. March 3rd. So just 4 months. And they are the quads. But man, they were big. Almost wasn't sure it was going to happen. But finally got those jewels popped down under the band and got it done.

Went to check on them about an hour later. Both boys in the stall, laying down. Pretty normal for what just happened. But Clack, the biggest one, sounded congested. I got them all up and walked them around for awhile. Then gave him another shot of Banamine.

This morning, all good. They were up walking with the rest of the flock. Clack sounds normal. You can see in this pic, how big their testicles are. Really had a hard time getting them in the banding tool.

And here is Charlotte, a single ewe lamb. Much bigger than these guys.

And of course, this always makes everything better, right?

This is Annabelle. She did not lamb this year. I am wondering if maybe she's pregnant? I did have that black Katahdin ram in with the ewes, even after they were having lambs. So she could be.

And here are some of the other reallt fat rotund sheep. They all really look good to me right now. Nice and healthy. Plenty of grazing. Rotating them every few days now. Very healthy.

And Thursday evening, I went ahead and put these sugar water feeders on both hives. You can see how they look this morning. Zan Asha said to just leave them on about 3 days. They get dependent on it and they'll not forage. These bees are so busy right now. They are going out back, toward Lookout Mt. Always come back with legs full of pollen. So something's blooming back there. Maybe Sourwood? (I have to take my dogs with me back here. I am so afraid of snakes, it's awful. And it's so over grown back here now. And with the hay fields back there 10' tall, I know there are snakes all over.)

Here's some Elderberry berries. And some blackberries thrown in. Very pretty. But hate blackberries. They always seem to win. I hope I get some of the elderberries this year. Birds always seem to get them all. But I have an abundance of the bushes all over now. So maybe.

And some really pretty, not quite ripe, tomatoes from the garden this morning!  I have to get them like this, because I have marauding rouge chickens, who love to peck at red ripe tomatoes a few times. Just for the heck of it. So I get them like this and let them ripen in the house. These are THE BEST tomatoes ever!

So I have the whole day BY MYSELF! Hubby is off on a motorcycle ride with his boyfriends. So it's just me. Washing clothes, hanging them out. Trimming honeysuckle off electric fence rows. Going to mow the fence line later when it dries up. It's just a beautiful summer day here at Outback Farm in Ga. Hope you all are having a great holiday weekend too!

Baby birds...

I've been a little worried about the baby birds on the laundry room shelf. They are so quiet. All the other baby birds around are noisy little buggars. So I snapped this picture and got a big baby mouth, wide open. Still don't know if all 4 are alive. But this little guy sure is.

And just now, I see both the mother and farther, with food in their beaks. Making all kinds of racket out there. So I am happy now!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

No more goats at Outback Farm

I no longer have goats. Outback Farm is officially goat-less. The Coopers came today and picked up Penelope and Zeeboo. I can still hear Penelope. I'll always hear her. Starting about 6, she gets noisy. Calling me. "Hey woman, get out here now!" And she keeps on and on, until I do let them in the milk room. She was always the one that was calling me to come on. NOW! Very impatient goat. I told Eloise to get ready.

I don't really know how I feel about not having goats yet. I already know it's quieter for sure. And I won't have to hurry home to milk. Or wake up earlier. Shoot, I might even get to sleep in some mornings. Hah! But it's a nice thought anyway.

 It's already starting to get over grown out back. It started soon after I let Zarah and her 2 kids go. Then a few more left and a few more. Then I was down to 4. The weeds and grass kept getting taller and taller and thicker too. Then down to just the 2 does. I can hardly walk back there. Now they're gone. It's going to be a jungle again, real soon.

I'll mow on both sides of the electric fence. And make sure it's all clear. I went back there a few days ago and found a huge oak limb laying across the electric fence. I tried to get it off but kept getting shocked. I was surprised it still worked, but it did. So hubby has a job to do with his chain saw. Then I need to keep a wide path mowed to the bee hive. Because I am thinking I'm seeing snakes all over now. And I hate snakes. I heard that goats will kill snakes. That may be why I haven't seen any so far. But I won't be going in the barn anymore.

  I moved the sheep back to the North side pasture with the chickens. Then I'll mow the South pasture. In a few weeks, I'll let the sheep out back for awhile. I'll have plenty of places to rotate the sheep now. And I need to put the 2 ram lambs in the back yard in about a month or so. I do not want more lambs.

This morning I saw this beetle, pushing this big ball with it's back legs. I don't know where she was headed, but every few rolls, she'd get up on it and look around. Just amazing to see this beetle, rolling this big egg sack, across the wet grass.

And the bird that laid 4 eggs in this nest, is a mom now. I can't see how mony hatched, but I saw a bunch of big hungry baby bird mouths yesterday. And I saw the bird with a mouth full of food for them later. They're really quiet babies. I sure hope they all make it. I try not to disturb them too much.

It's just a beautiful day here today. Not humid at all. Nice breeze blowing. I mowed half the garden down awhile ago. It's such a mess out there. I do have cucumbers, butternut squash, some Silver Queen corn, okra, and yellow squash and some zucchini still. And tomatoes and lots of different peppers. And sunflowers and zinnias all over too. I had to mow right in front of the bee hive, I went real fast and did it without making them mad. It was getting a little over grown right in front of the hive. Looks better now and they can get in and out easier. I just love my bees. I found out the bees in the corners were making burr comb. I should have cleaned it off. I will next time I go in.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Adding on...

Went out today to check the hives. I wore hat, gloves, long sleeve shirt. But had shorts on. It's hot! And these girls were mad! And getting crowded. I see lots of brood. Not much honey though. I did see the queen in the garden hive. I took out the one frame with nothing on it. And added a small box with 10 frames. I didn't put a queen excluder on the garden hive. But did on the outback hive. I'll see which one works better. I didn't really look for the other queen because those bees were all over me. So I tried to get it done quick back there. And leave! But they all look good. And very busy. Lots of bees all over this place. I see them coming in loaded with pollen/

Not sure what's going on here in this one frame. Lots of activity in both upper corners.  Does anyone have any ideas?

                                                             Same frame, other corner.

This is the outback hive. Man, were they all over the place when I opened it up! Didn't even take pics of the inside. Wanted to hurry and get out of there fast!

                                                     Outback hive with new addition

                                                And the garden hive with new addition

I was next door washing a paint brush at the faucet and noticed lots of bees in the little pool. I thought it was empty, but there is a little water in the bottom in places. I added a little more and threw in some sticks. There were a lot of honey bees drinking water here.

                                                           And in the mud holes too.

It's a beautiful bright sun shiney day here. And HOT. But that's fine with me. It's been cloudy and rainy for so long, it's strange to see a totally blue sky. So I am ok with this.

Going to the farmer's market this afternoon. I made wool dryer balls and zucchini bread and muffins to take. Plus banana peppers, hot and sweet. And a few jalapeno peppers too. Not much, but I also have salves and soap. Need to make some money!