Monday, June 15, 2015

Around the farm Monday...

It's a beautiful day here in N. Ga. The sun is beating down on us. Hasn't rained in several days, but should some this week. I had to water the garden last night.

The hubby is outside this morning, weeding around the electric fence out back. I moved the sheep back up front to the North pasture this morning, so just goats out back now. I hope they're in the barn, because I sure don't hear that loud mouth Freja. She is the loudest goat I've ever had. Louder than Sandy, who was mostly Nubian. Freja is just half Nubian. She got the Nubian mouth for sure, that girl. She lets me know when It's time to milk her. Or, when it's time for her to eat.

I'm washing sheets today and hanging them out. I just love to get into bed after a long hot day, and smell nice fresh sheets that have been dried outside. I have another load ready to be hung soon.

Bubba says good morning to y'all. He's so sweet. A lady up the road found a little tiny kitten in front of our farm last week. Wanted to know if it was mine. I said no, all my cats are fixed and really old. And no, I do not want another cat please! Because this old sweet looking dog right here, would kill it in no time. He does not let any other animals on this property at all. If they do get in, they don't leave alive. But I asked Heather if it was ok for Kansas to have a kitten. She jumped on that right away! Kansas is such a cat person. She said she'd work for the kitten's food and litter. So This ladies husband is a vet. She took him in for a little check up and de wormed him. We'll take him back in 3 weeks when he's 8 weeks old for all his vaccinations. Then later to be neutered. He's so cute though. All orange stripes and the bluest eyes ever. He will be very loved for sure!

This is the bird house Kansas and her Papa built. I just love it. No birds in it yet though. More for decoration right now. Plenty of other places to make nests around here. Like coffee cans!

My first zinnia of the year! I have a long bed of them here and a lot of others that have popped up in other places in the garden too. I love these flowers so much! I just think a garden without zinnias isn't a garden at all.

And these little beauties are all over the garden now too. I love them as well. In fact, these were in my wedding bouquet. Just happy flowers.

Some of the sheep and alpacas, enjoying the shade in their new pasture for a few weeks. The grass is nice and lush over here now. Might last a few weeks. I will mow the South pasture this afternoon.

See this apple? It whacks me on the head every time I walk under this tree. I forget it's there and it gets me every time.

Whoever is renting the hay fields all around us is finally mowing them. They started last week and are now on the other side where the sheep are. It smells so good! I love the smell of fresh mown hay. But it also means the snakes will be out again.

This is sad. I was out watering the garden last night and saw this gray humpy thing down on the fence. I looked closer and it was a possum. Looks like it was heading out of the garden and got stuck in the fence. It's dead. Poor thing. I don't think it was there in the morning when I was out there getting my dandelions. I think I have some lime, I'll sprinkle on it. Because it's already starting to stink. But I wonder if this is what ate my poor little baby chick last week?

I love this material. I bought it a few months ago, thinking I'd like to make a blouse with it. But now I have a blouse that will go perfect with it, so I'll make a skirt. I just need to go find an easy peasy pattern I can make myself, with no help. I love it. We have 2 weddings to go to this weekend too. One at 2 up on the mountain about 13 miles from us. Then the 2nd wedding is at Mountain Cove Farms at 6, right past our house! How cool is that? The 2nd wedding has dinner and dancing after , so sounds like a great day to me! I'll try to go to the market in the morning, maybe. It's over at 12. I think I can do it.

I did really good at the farmers market Saturday. More than the week before. I need to make more soap. And I suppose I will dye my white yarns. Seems people want colored yarn. And I think I'll start knitting some shawls and scarves for the fall markets.


Betty Ann said...

Just remember when you are sewing your blouse from that really pretty fabric, that it is easier to take something in than to let it out and the way you are going you will have to make it smaller soon :)

Kris said...

I know! That's why I have been waiting to make clothes. I think I've decided to make a skirt with this material now.