Saturday, June 6, 2015

First day back at the farmers market!

 Today was my first day back to the Brainerd market. I had loaded all the yarn and salves and lotions and soap and tables and all that stuff in the car last night. Woke up at 6 this morning and went outside to pich radishes, kale and lettuce and get them ready to go. Fixed breakfast, got the grand daughter up and off we went.

I left at 8:30. Got there at 9:15. So I need to leave at least by 8:15 to get there by 9. It starts at 10. So that'll give me plenty of time to get all set up.

I still need a display thing for the yarn. I just don't like laying it down. It needs to be up at eye level. Like some peg board with hooks to hang the skeins on.

I had a lot of interest in the yarns. Everyone came over and asked questions about them.There was more interest when I tell them they are from my sheep. I was just charging $5 an oz. And most people said that was really reasonable for hand spun yarn straight from my own sheep. But I didn't sell anything wool today.

I took 7 bunches of radishes, sold all but 1. I had 4 bags of loose leaf lettuce, sold 3. And the black tote of kale. Sold most of that. Took what was left to my mom and oldest daughter.

I sold a plantain salve. I love it when I have a few people at my booth and someone talks about having my salve and how good it is and someone else buys some! This one lady had bought some plantain salve the Christmas before last and just started using it on her very cracked heels. She said they were horribly cracked and she started using the salve on her heels and they are SO much better! So the other lady bought some for a friend. Cool! I cannot make any "claims" like that myself, so it really makes a difference when someone else has used it.

And I had made lemongrass lotion bars and a bug repellent bar. Sold several of each today! And 2 of my lavender goat milk soaps! So all in  all, a pretty good first day back.

Now I hope they vote me back in at the Main St market. They're having a meeting after the market next Wed. and will bring it up that I want to come back, since it is way past the march dead line. But since I have been there a few years, it should be ok. I talked to a few of the board members and told them. So I hope they let me back. I miss that market. It's a totally different crowd over there. I love it.

I think the guy who came to shear my sheep last week is coming back tomorrow morning to the farm up the road. She has 15 Finn sheep that did not get sheared last year. So I told them to please start with hers and get as many done as they can tomorrow, then come back next week to finish my 4 and hers. It's not going to be too awful bad temperature wise next week. This weekend is in the high 80's, then it goes down a bit through the week. I think they'll be fine.

I hope you all are having a great weekend so far. I am having the family out for some BBQ pork and stuff Sunday, to celebrate the May and June birthdays. Now I have to go clean the house. Not my favorite thing to do. But it makes me clean up every now and then when I know people are coming. Like who wants to eat with dog hairs on the table, right?

(The shearer IS coming in the morning for my friend's sheep! I am so happy for her! I hope they can get all of her 15 sheep sheared at one time.)


Kim said...

I love our set up and I was wondering if you could use a wooden clothes drying rack to display your yarn? It would be very portable and fit in with the whole theme of things nicely.

Kris said...

I had thought about bringing mine. I probably will next time if I can't get my husband to make something. Thanks!