Saturday, June 13, 2015

Now there's 3.

And now there are 3 perfect little teeny weeny blue eggs in the coffee can bird nest!This is so exciting!

I went ahead and put some duct tape around the bottom to keep it from falling. But when I moved it over a few inches, it was really heavy. Like it has sand in the bottom. I don't think it would have fallen off anyway.

So I saw a little tiny brown bird awhile ago. Someone said it's probably a Finch. I just don't see how there's a little baby bird in that jelly bean sized egg. Just amazing. I so hope they make it so I can see them. But I do have 5 cats.

I went to the farmers market this morning. Woke up at 6. I had gotten the car loaded last night. Picked kale and radishes last night. So this morning just had to pick lettuce, which I didn't sell any of. Last week I sold almost all of it. I left it loose, so maybe I should have bagged it up. But I sold some soap, salve, lotion bar, dryer balls, kale and a bunch of radishes.

I had several people come look at my wool yarn. And so many kids today. The first thing they do is run to the felted sheep, pick every one of them up, them slam them down on the table. Ugh, I just want to make them go away! But I want them to be able to touch them and see what wool feels like. I just don't want them to tear them up. And some had dirty sticky fingers, touching the white yarns. I guess I might need to put up a sign. But had a great morning.

I had a message last night from a lady wanting to know if I sell goat milk. She wanted some to make soap. I said sure, selling for soap making is probably legal. She wanted 2 gallons. I ran over to look in the fridge to see how much I had. I had just enough for 1 1/2 gallons. That left us with NO MILK IN THE FRIDGE! no milk! And all I wanted has been milk. All day. So just milked Freja and got enough for us tonight. I've had a few gallons in the fridge now since I started milking her. I have a few people who get milk during the week, but I still have milk for us. It was just strange to have no milk at all today. I love goat milk! But am happy to share it with others as well.

One more thing and I'll stop. Yesterday, I was gone all day. I asked my husband to go get the eggs out of the coop. He didn't. I just had a feeling the snake would be back and get some eggs. So when I finally got around to checking them, there were no eggs. None. I have never had this happen before. I'd at least get 1 or 2. But there weren't any. I asked him if he did get them and he said no. So I figured that darn snake came and ate every single egg. I had gotten 5 the day before. And today, 6 eggs. I guess the darn snake os quite full right now. I'm gonna get that darn snake, sooner or later.


Betty Ann said...

Oh dear. We have had unruly children in our booth and it is very annoying. We work so hard on our products to the point where they become our "babies". And then to watch someone else's children damage them....ARGH!!

Naughty husband. ARGH again. They are so precious right now. They are being rationed in Texas.

Betty Ann said...

LOL! I just read what I wrote. Rationing EGGS, not HUSBANDS. :)

Kris said...

Ha ha!! Too funny! I'd like to ration my husband! No, he was bad. He should have gone out there to get the eggs and kill that snake.

I do think I'll come up with some kind of sign. Might help.

Anonymous said...

there are signs in the stores here that egg prices are up due to some problems with chickens laying eggs. i can't remember exactly what it said but the signs all apologize for the insanely high prices of eggs. so, i have no eggs! but the snake does? that's crazy, isn't it? don't let him slack off on the eggs u get now, city folks like us are jealous...

Kris said...

I am going out several times a day now, just to grab eggs before that snake gets any more.