Monday, June 8, 2015

Around the farm

 I keep forgetting about the barn swallows. Every time I walk in the milk room, one of them is flying out. One of these days, we're going to collide. And in the mornings when I'm milking Freja, they try to come in and see us there then fly back out. I am always talking to them, telling them we are all ok. They eventually come on in and work on their nest. It's gotten much bigger.

These babies are getting so big. I think there is 1 rooster, possibly 2. But the one on the left is getting a comb and has long legs. So I will have to find homes for them. I still cannot figure out how the other hen gets into the coop. But she does.

I've started letting the other chickens out in the afternoon. Already they are getting the blue berries. And already they are in the garden. But the garden is big enough they can't do much to it. I might have to put fence around the tomatoes. Or clip wings.

I was out the other day gathering my dandelion flowers, and saw this in one of the pear trees. It's so pretty. But will have to go. I think it's Bald Faced Hornets. And they are not good to have around honey bees. The hornets kill honey bees. I'll have to get the hubby to help figure out what to do to not hurt the tree.

See that huge elderberry tree at the barn? I love it. All the elderberries are in full bloom now. Soon all the birds will be happt to be eating elderberries. They always get them all.

The day lillies are beautiful right now.

This is Gilbert. She's a girl. My oldest grand daughter named her. She's probably about 8 years old now.

And Andy Oakley. He's about the same age as Gilbert. My only boy cat, since Alex died not long ago.

This is the coolest corner. I want to make a deck back here. I was mowing the back yard last week and it was so cool back here. And a pool would be nice too. One day.

And out in the garden, the squash and zucchini have finally decided to bear fruit. I got these 3 nice sized ones this morning. I already have plans for stuffing them with my lamb burger, corn, tomatoes, rice and my feta cheese. Sounds good to me. I love going out to the garden and finding food for dinner or lunch. Even breakfast. If it looks good, I'll take a pic and post it.

And again, I did something today for the very first time ever. I hope it's not the last time either. It was SO fun. And really good. I'll blog tomorrow about it. It needs it's own post.

So happy Monday y'all! Have a great week!


Betty Ann said...

I love your farm pictures. :)

Kris said...

Thank you! I love taking pictures. My computer is pretty full with them. I need my daughter to come out and help me load them all somewhere else.