Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Soap sale

I'm having a soap sale. They'll be $3.50 a bar. Or if you buy 6 bars (for $21.00) I'll throw in a free bar. I can fit 7 in a flat rate shipping box for $5.95, if that's what they still are. So $26.95 for 7 bars of soap.

Here is a list of what I have. And these were all made last year, in late summer and fall.

These are some I made with either juice, kombucha or goldenrod tea:

Grape juice with raw milk yogurt- lots
Kombucha- lots
Spiced apple- 3 bars made with spiced apple tea
Tangerine with goldenrod tea- 4

Lime-patchouli- lots
Peaches-N-Cream, with raw milk yogurt, unscented- lots-
Cucumber-melon- 4
Sage- 9
Basil- 5
Cucumber-basil- 9
Orange-clove- 6
Pumpkin spice- 5
Spiced Mahogany- 6
Warm ginger-coconut- 8
Cucumber-mint- lots
Peppermint- 2
Spearmint- 8
Chamomile-sweet almond- lots
Rosemary with lard- 12

Most all soaps were made with coconut oil, olive oil and vegetable oil.

I do not have a pay pal acct. so you'd have to send a check.


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