Thursday, June 25, 2015

New clothes...

Well, not really new clothes. But new to me. I love thrift stores and that's about where I get all my clothes from. When I can find any I like. Before I started losing weight, I could hardly find anything I liked. Seems like after a size 18, things just start looking horrible to me. No color. Or just huge.

So last week, me and mom went to a new thrift store. I found the bright colored skirt at the far end and a few shirts. Got home and tried them on and they all fit!!! I was thrilled! I wore that skirt to the wedding with a green shirt. I felt so cool! I had so many compliments on the skirt too.

Yesterday, I wore it with a brown shirt. Went to my friends to deliver her milk and she said she used to have a shirt and skirt just like that. I said it could have been hers, since I got it at a thrift store. She said she takes her clothes to Providence In Ft. O. I went to the new one and found these. So, isn't that funny? The other 2 skirts were at a different thrift store.

I also found 2 shirts and a pair of blue jean shorts and another skirt. I'll have to wait some to wear that shirt though. A little too tight yet. But I WILL wear it.

It's really fun now to look for clothes that are cute and fun to wear. I have the black and white skirt on today with a black shirt. Just feels good to wear skirts. Maybe soon I can wear some pretty summer dresses.

Does anyone else like to go thrift store shopping?


An At Home Daughter said...

I love shopping at thrift stores. Is so fun to find something cheap. Although the Goodwills around here are rip offs, since thrift shopping has become the in thing.
I love your colorful skirt.

Anonymous said...

i love thrift store shopping, especially when i find a good bargain.