Monday, April 18, 2011

My Garden

This in my garden. On the right is when it was just turned over. On the left it's just been plowed.

The little part to the left is where I planted beets last week. Then there are grape vines. Then next I just planted 20 Rutgers tomato plants today. At the far end I planted 2 rows of Blue Lake green beans. I like the bush. Running beans are a lot of work. So I always plant bush beans.

We need to get the old tiller fixed So I can til some before planting more. I have Silver Queen corn, squash and zuchinni seeds to plant too. Also an heirloom sweet corn I saved seeds from last year. Then okra and cucumbers and peppers and more tomatoes. There is a farm over the ridge that I get heirloom tomatoe and pepper plants from. I will go see what they have next week.

I have cabbage and broccoli in raised beds to the left of the garden. I also have free range chickens. Gardens and chickens don't go well together. Especially at the beginning. And when tomatoes start ripening. So I am going to have to put the hens in coops til winter. They will not stay out of the garden right now. And I want veggies. If I have to pen them up that means I will have bugs and ticks. And probably snakes. So I have some thinking to do here.

I did catch 4 of the Buff roos tonight. They are in a coop right now til I can get them butchered. Have to wait for Truckin' Man to get home to help with that chore. I have 3 game roos that will have to be shot. They roost up in the trees so there's no catching them. Unless I can get them in the milkroom when I feed them in the morning. I will try. My son-in-law said he would be happy to come out and target practice. I will keep one Buff roo. That's all we need.

I hope everyone is able to plant a garden this spring. With the way food prices are going up and all the food scares, I am planting alot. And raising all our meat too. And milk.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

And We're Done!

I had put Sandy in the barn last night and checked on her when I would wake up through the night. But no babies. And none this morning. So I let her out. A few hours later she's up under the trees "talking" and I noticed a bubble. So I hollered at the grands to come watch. I have NEVER seen this goat kid and I have had her since she was a few days old and this was her 5th kidding. So I was really excited. And man, is that girl fast! She popped the first one out and within 5 minutes the 2nd one was out. And of course she is staying on her record of having all bucks. She had a doe way back in 2008. Her last doe kid. I could tell right away what they were. But they are cute. The 2nd one has toggles or wattles and looks like her. The 1st one looks like the dad. Both have elf ears that are a little longer. So they are back in the barn and she's had her bucket of warm molasses water and some more feed. I am happy it's over and now on to the milking!! We are in the milk again!!! My camera needs batteries so will take pictures when I get them.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


This is Sandy. She is about to have her kids. I hope . Her udder has filled up and is really big. So I went ahead and put her in the back of the barn in a stall. And Abby and her kids are next to her so she won't be lonely. But she was standing outside the barn and it's about to pour down rain any minute now. So I had to put her in. She would have her kids right outside. But not tonight. I am so excited. It's been 3 years since she has had a doe. SO I am hoping she has a doe. I can hardly wait to see them. It's nice and warm and dry where she is. So hopefully the next post will be some good news.

Broody Turkeys

Here are the 3 hens on the same nest. They are so funny. It rained all day yesterday and the roof in the barn is leaking. There was a drip right next to the nest and I was afraid the eggs would get wet. So I grabbed an old drawer and some pine shavings and ran out to put the eggs in there up on a few bricks. Well, the original hen did not like that at all. She broke one of the eggs. So now there are 10. And a different hen is on the nest now and the other hen is back in the corner right next to the drawer nest. Turkeys are funny creatures.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Some Outback Frm Animals

This is Abby and her brand new kids. They were born last night about 5:30 . She had a doe and a buck. First doe kid for her in 3 years. I am so proud of Abby. I named the doe Zarah Belle. I will keep her. The little buck needs a name. He will probably go up the road to my friend's to be their herd sire. He is so handsome. Abby is a great mother. Check out that udder. She's the best milker too. Zarah has a #3 on her right side. My daughter Abby (yes, her name is Abby. That's why I got the goat Abby) said that's because she's the 1st doe in 3 years and the 3rd time's the charm. Now we are waiting on Sandy to kid. They weren't due til the 19th. So she has a few more days to go. Here are the turkeys. That's Harper, the big guy. He is in charge of his 4 ladies. Right now there is 1 hen setting on 11 eggs. There are 2 other hens that think she needs help. So they get right up as close as the can to her. It's so cute. I hope the eggs hatch. Mother's Day will be the big day.
Here are the pigs I had for 3 1/2 months. The one on the right just went to the butcher Monday. The other one stayed here til this afternoon when she left to go to her new home up the road to get bigger. The one I took to the butcher was so small. The butcher said I should take her back home to fatten up some more. I just couldn't do it. After all the trouble of getting that pig loaded in the trailor, I was not about to unload her and keep her 3 more months. I don't have that kind of money anyway. I bet those pork chops and sausage will be so good.
I just love this picture of Mazie and Chuck laying under the shade tree.
This was the day Chuck was born. He's now going on 5 weeks old. He's a big boy.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Much Too Busy Sunday

We finally did it. We butchered the 2 tom turkeys. My hubby was home and I asked him if he wanted to help. Well, really I told him we were going to butcher 2 turkeys, so get up and get a move on, buddy. So he did. I got everything ready and we did it. A friend made a feather plucker that attaches to a drill. Very handy tool. It only took about 1 1/2 hours total. One weighed 12 pounds. The other had so much fat I thought surely he would have eventually died of a heart attack. He must have been hogging all the feed. He weighed 14 pounds. So that chore is done. I had wanted to do that for a long time now. They are 10 months old. Now I might be able to let the other tom and the 4 hens out without the hens running up front to the other boys. Then they head to the road. I have one turkey hen that is setting on some eggs now. They have been laying alot. I have already sold 2 dozen for incubating. I hope they hatch. I will put this hen in a big cage soon. Then take the turkey babies and try to sell them. I also made bread and rolls during all that. Not a good idea. I kept having to stop and get bread out of the oven. Also started some heirloom tomato seeds in egg shells and old toilet paper rolls. I hope they all come up. I had the garden plowed Friday so it's all ready to plant. It's been in the 80's this week. I did plant some broccoli and cabbage in a raised bed. Hubby weed whacked in the huge strawberry beds yesterday. I think he weed whacked all the strawberry plants. But I won't say anything. I'm just glad he still does this for me. The 2 pigs go to the butcher Monday. I let them out for the day to enjoy their last day here. I have a half a lemon cake and some goodies for their last dinner tonight. We are getting a trailor from a friend and will load them up tonight. Then in the morning I will give them biscuits and gravy for their last meal. They have been good pigs. But I do believe a freezer full of bacon, sausage and pork chops will be a whole lot easier to take care of, don't ya think? I took some pictures and will upload later.