Monday, June 1, 2015

Just a pile of fiber.

This is the Hobbit Barn. It's so little and the right side is very short. I don't know how many times I've whacked my head and said some really bad things.And most of it is really old oak. it's like metal. Cannot get a nail in it to save a life. But, it's not going anywhere, this Hobbit Barn! The man who built it, he made things to last just about forever.

There are 2 long areas to the left. The far one has a wide opening. When we first bought this place, there was a really old car in it. But one of the family came and got it.

It needs a new roof put on, because there are some leaky places. But I like it. It keeps animals warm and safe in winter. Mostly dry when it rains.

So I put all the sheep in here yesterday, waiting on a guy to come shear the 2 wethers. I have to take them to the butcher Tuesday morning. So didn't want to waste their fleeces.  And the lady who has been supposed to come since March, has not shown up yet. So found a young man who has just started shearing. He went to a school at MTSU last year. He's shorn some sheep, but still learning. I thought he could practice some more on mine.

Annabelle, wanting out of the barn.

I asked him if he wanted to practice on some more. Poor Darla has been miserable. So he said sure.  Here's Darla. She's huge! They were really impressed with her wool. It's about 6". Really nice fiber.

                                                              I just love this picture.

This is my favorite lamb, Campbelle. She's so little. She's the smallest of the quads. And looks so much smaller now that she's got all her wool off. We got all 4 of the quads done. Annabelle and Darla and Buttercup. Man, was she a wild mess! I still have not got to get too close to that one. Her mother, Annabelle, is finally letting me scratch her head now, after 3 years.

                                                              Campbelle, naked.

                                                                   Annabelle, naked.

Cameron, being sheared. She was so good. And her wool is beautiful. All grey and brown and black. Even had a little white mixed in there too.

Here's the 3 black sheep. The 2 on the left are the boys. I think I am going to have a really hard time taking them to the butcher. I have never really been too sad to see any animals go. I know this is what they're for. But these 2 guys are so sweet. And their fleece is so pretty. I'm probably going to cry over this.

Don't know what happened, but these 2 pics got stuck together. You can see the fluffy girls up there. Amarillo, on the right, was going to be sheared. They had her. But she went all crazy and jumped over the panel at the entrance of the barn. So off she went and there was no catching her. And it was getting late and they needed to leave. So Cara, Adele and Cassidy didn't get sheared either. When I let those 3 out of the barn, they ran leaping to the others. It was so funny!

And when we let each sheep out after being sheared, the others would all come running to see who it was. They'd do some sniffing, then head butting, then wander off for some grass. It's funny, watching them. They all look so much smaller. But I am pleased with how they all looked after shearing. Very healthy weights. And their eyes looked great, really pink! So didn't have to worm any of them. Very happy with how they looked.

11 bags of wool right there. From 8 sheep. Darla, Buttercup and Annabelle all had to have 2 bags. Lots of wool on those girls.

I am thinking about sending it all to a mill. There's supposed to be a new mill in N. Ga. now.

This is just half of Annabelle's fleece. There's a whole other bag full. It's not too dirty. Lots of grass and hay in there, though.

So pretty! Can't wait to get it all cleaned and start spinning now! But 12 fleeces might take awhile.

Anyone want to come help skirt, wash, card and spin now?


Sherry Johnson said...

I would like to know about the young man who did your shearing. Could you please send me his contact information?

Kris said...

Sherry, I sent you an email with the info.

Betty Ann said...

You have waited a long time for shearing. Glad you found someone new to do it.

Kris said...

Yes, we have been waiting since March on the lady from Atlanta to come. But things kept happening beyond her control. So she has to keep putting us off. This guy is just starting out so is fairly slow. Took 4 hours to do these 8 sheep. But 4 of them were big girls. I hope he can come back to do the rest this weekend.