Saturday, June 27, 2015

Oh my goodness...

 look what I just found! The 3 bluebird eggs have hatched and they are all alive!!! I wasn't sure, but yes, they are. Baby birds are just ALL mouth!

When I first came over to the studio, I saw a red coffee can on the ground by the front porch. My heart just sank. Then I saw the coffee can nest was still on the porch rail. I was so happy! Then I looked inside. I always look inside to check on the eggs when the mother isn't on them. I thought they might hatch sometime this weekend. And they did. All 3 of them! This is so cool.

Now I will have to stand guard and make sure no darn cats get these babies.

The milk room barn swallow babies are getting bigger every day. Their parents are coming in and going out all day long. The babies have finally gotten feathers on the tops of their heads and they look even funnier now!

So many bird babies here right now. I'm glad my cats are so old.


Kim said...

You gotta watch the Starlings too. They will raid a BB nest in a heart beat. Good Luck!

Kris said...

I know. I am on watch for awhile now. I just had to lock the cats up. 2 of them were too close. I think I'll grease down the railing.