Monday, August 30, 2010

I have started walking. Aug. 9th. I just woke up that day and said "This is the day I need to start walking." And I did. I have been going at least 1 1/2-3 miles a day. I have been through 4 pairs of shoes. Not really worn them out but just trying different shoes to see which ones are best for me. My left shin is really hurting about a half mile in so I need some really good shoes. I have been walking on my road in the evenings. But a friend stopped last Frday and said a group of ladies has started walking on a dead end road about a mile from here and I was welcome to join them. So I did this morning.

It was beautiful! I walked with a few other ladies closer to my age and could walk a little faster. We went down a gravel one lane road through trees and streams along the way. Nice and shady. So beautiful. This road goes to a little clearing where walking and horse paths go to the foot of Lookout Mt. Such a beautiful peaceful walk. So they meet 3 days a week. I will be walking with them again. I had a good time.

It is starting to get a little "fallish" feel in the air here. I am so ready for cooler weather. I love fall. I don't think I am ready for winter though. I wonder what it's like in the rest of the country.

My turkeys are getting so big. They are almost 12 weeks old now. They are outside all day now. They are so funny. They will follow me all over. It's like I'm a turkey herder. They are good turkeys. I feed them a little in the morning then let them out. In the evening they are ready for more feed. They follow me back in and I close them up for the night. I have named the biggest tom Harper. I wanted a Bourbon name. I like Harper. So he will be the one I keep plus the hens. I think there are at least 4 hens. That will be plenty to start my little turkey business.

I sold 2 of my milk goats last month. So I am now down to just 2. Abby and Sandy. They cannot possibly keep up with all the weeds. I need more. I think I am going to start looking for some sheep. I would like at least 4 ewes. Preferably old enough to be bred about Oct. for spring lambs. They will eat lots of things that goats or cows won't. So they will be an asset here. Since we don't have a bush hog or tiller.

Mazie is pregnant! She has been such a good cowgirl since she's been home. She should have a calf in March. I am already nervous. I hope the bull wasn't too big for her first calf. But she is a huge cow.