Wednesday, June 10, 2015


he hates flies more than I do. He's in the dining room, sitting on the window seat. Then there was  a fly.

This dog is so funny. He hates being outside because of all the flying insects too. Or it's too hot. Or it's too cold. If we leave him out too long, he'll just start running around, barking. At nothing. Just so we'll hear him and let him back in to shut him up.

He's always been this way. When he was a puppy, he stayed outside. Then he got really sick. It was hot that summer. I took him to the vet in Summerville and they did all kinds of tests on him. Ended up being pneumonia. He had to stay there for about a week.He was so thin. So ever since, he's been a house dog. I think he's about 7 years old now. Maybe 8. I guess I should write things down more.

And he's so furry. Him and Stella. Our whole house is nothing but dog fur, all over everything. We sweep and vacuum every day and the amount of dog fur every day is enough to put on a hairless dog.

It's crazy. I have some electric Oster shears in the milk room I use to clip the goats. So decided Sunday, after giving them both a shower, to shave them. Bubba was first,. He jumped up on the stanchion and stood there for an hour while I shaved all his fur off. I had a huge pile. But that dog was so happy after it was all off! He loved it. I will be doing this at least every few weeks now. Stella was not as cooperative. She has different fur. Thicker. It was harder to do hers. And she would not stand up. I did get her rear end area and underneath and her neck, but not much off her back. So they are both lighter. And I have not seen any piles of dog fur all over the house!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I hope this works! Love Bubba, he's awesome! And love all your blogs. The bees are doing amazing, so happy for you!