Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Getting forgetful.

This is what happens when I forget I have eggs boiling for tuna salad and go out to cut branches for the belly aching goats who can't fend for themselves. I came back in the house, after I remembered I had eggs on the stove, and found them like this. The one egg exploded and ended up out of the pan. It was still good, so I did get to use 1 egg in the tuna. The other 2 were quite burned. Not a good thing. My oldest grand daughter was still in bed and the husband had just left to go to the store. Could have burned the house down, I guess.

And I only had 5 eggs.

Somehow, the other mother hen decided she'd had enough of mother hood and flew the coop. Well, flew back into the coop. Don't know how she did it, but she's back in with the rest of the hens and Black Bart. The real mother hen is still out with the chicks. Just strange how she got in. Must have flown over. Maybe she'll start laying eggs again!


Tami said...

I did that with a pan of rice. Got distracted and came back in to smoke and a ruined pan of concrete rice. Scared me to death.

Kris said...

It is a bad feeling for sure.