Thursday, February 27, 2014

More meds. And more tail docking.

I just went out to check on the new ram lambs. I put up a heat lamp in their stall. They were laying together under the heat with Darla near them.

They both sound bad. I came back in and got some Combi-Penn-48, some plain yogurt and some more Nutri-Drench. Gave them all that and they both went to nurse. Darla is not pushing either one of them away. She sniffs them and cleans them while they are at the udder. So I don't know. I'll see in the morning if any of this worked. They are both so darn sweet and pitiful. Why does this have to happen to such brand new life?

As I was leaving, I told all the ewes that have not had lambs yet, that they are NOT allowed to have any more lambs til it warms up again. No more lambs! It's just too cold!

A also gave Claire, Cadie, Clark and Charlotte their CDT shots about noon today. Then got the hubby to hold them this evening so I could band their little tails. They all did rather well. But I still hate this part of lambing. Not fun at all.


Betty Ann said...

Weather is warming today. You are doing all you can. Glad they are hanging in there.

Kris said...

Still not sure what will happen. Cole is not much better than Clay. I just don't know. I can't give them any more antibiotic til tonight. Darla wanted out this morning, so I let her go out with the others. And Cole went with her. I just put them all back in the stall together. Both are nursing.

Iris said...

I guess you can never really relax when you have animals. I admire your courage. I couldn't do it, but I love the pictures!

Kris said...

Tiny's been helping me do the tails. He holds them for me. He actually did Cole's last night. He did good but almost poked the screwdriver we use to help get the band off, up his rear end. Would not have turned out well for sure. So I did Cash's and I think I did a good job on him. They are both good. And all better this morning.