Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday thoughts...

 Someone on FB was talking about her cat and all the toys the shelter gave her when she adopted him. And how he seems to find other things to play with instead. Like a bread twistie tie on the kitchen floor. Or her husband's guitar string that hangs out of the case that the cat takes between his teeth and makes the scariest noise ever!

So I got to thinking about my cats and dogs and what they play with. Mostly the cats play with birds and dead mice and moles. And the dogs? Well, it looks like a cow died in the front yard most of the time. Just give them a bone and they're good to go.

When I took the 2 lambs to the butcher this past Tuesday, I asked for all the organs. When I looked in the cooler after picking it up, they also had 5 lamb legs in there. 5 lamb legs?? Where were the other 3 legs? I just thought that was so funny. And only 1 liver and kidney.

So, this is what my dogs play with. Bones. And Stella, she has to have something in her mouth at ALL times! When I let her out in the morning, she has got to find something to take out with her. A piece of paper, a sock, a piece of wood. Whatever. That dog is so funny!

And this is the round bale after 1 week. Do you think they'll make it to next Sunday? I don't know. And I have only 18 square bales left. I've been using 1 bale for 2 days for the goats and alpacas. So I hope to stretch those til the end of Feb.

I went ahead and made an appointment for Feb. 18th to take Abraham and John Henry in. I think I'll get all burger from Abraham and John Henry will be sausage. That will be 2 less boys around then. And I'll just put Bilbo Baggins in with the alpacas til the ewes have all lambed, then try to get them all together.

And these hens. Goodness, they never rest. Not even on Sundays. This is a double-yoker. Nice huh?

And this is what these girls do when they get out every morning. Run to these nesters. There are 2 hens in these 2 nests. They will both be full of eggs. Silly hens. They are so funny to watch.

I am trying to get all the clothes and rugs washed today. We are supposed to be getting rain for a few days. And then maybe snow, the way the weather people are talking. I so hope it goes some other way. But, I did hear some talk last night at the wold game dinner that if there is still snow on the ground 2 days after a snow, that we will get more snow like a week or so later. So yes, there was still snow all over the place even 4 days after. So here we go again? It's already warm enough out there to melt all the ice, so it's muddy!

I sure hope y'all have a wonderful day!


Kristin said...

What is going on with that processor? Something is just not right there!

Asher likes bones and sticks. I get him a dog toy from time to time to keep him from playing with chickens. He demolishes them. Usually the yard is so full of poly-fill it looks like it's snowed.

I'm so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. I know you're taking good care of that man of yours.

Kris said...

Kristin, this was the better processor. It's just strange they didn't put all 8 legs in the cooler. Unless they were all messed up. I did get about 30 pounds from this lamb, which was the brother of one of the lambs I took to the other place and only got about 30 pounds and that was was much bigger.

I sure wish I knew how to get these lambs bigger without putting them in a stall and feeding them grain. The ones I had last year weren't castrated and these all were. Now I'm wondering if not castrating them makes a difference. Maybe I'll not castrate this year and see.

Iris said...

I love reading about your animals! Stella is so cute with her obsession with thing to carry in her mouth. She always has something for me when I arrive at the farm.