Monday, February 17, 2014

The walk: part 4

Ok, 1 more after this and we're done.

Zeeboo said to go this way. Bubba is already over there, ready to go down. Look at that pretty bright green moss. So green.

Now across this ridge. It only went so far, then stopped. There were a lot of trees across the end, so we just headed straight down toward the house. Don't these guys look worn out?

Through this limb, that long white shiny thing is the roof to one of the chickens houses across the road from us. I think there are about 5 or 6 at least. But I never knew they were there when we bought this place. The house we moved from in Ringgold had 7 chicken houses down behind us. And they really stunk bad. That's one of the main reason we moved. But these houses are way across the road and back over the hill, so we really never notice them. Just every once in awhile, after the chickens have been taken away, when the houses are cleaned, that's when we smell them. But not always.

What we are walking down. It was pretty steep in some places. I found 2 pretty long branches for walking sticks and I'm glad I did. They saved me several times from rolling all the way down. It was pretty slippery.

Aw, down in the valley at last! Just look at that view. That's Pigeon Mt. You can just see the shine of the garage roof to the left through the clearing. To the right, that shiny spot is the pond the dogs love to swim in when they get out.

This is the little hill I usually climb up when we walk out back. It's got the best view right there.

                                             So I sat down and took a break. I love it here.

Poor Bubba was quite worn out here. Stella was way down the hill, waiting for us. But we stayed here a good 20 minutes, just resting.

I'll do one more post because there are some really good pictures of the goats.

It's a beautiful day today. There might be some rain later, but tomorrow close to 70! It was amazing yesterday too. I told all the pregnant ewes they can go ahead and have lambs now. I am thinking Adele is just about to lamb. She is getting pretty loose in the back end and walking really slow. I keep hoping I'll go out and see a few little lambs but she's holding on. I think I put the ram in about the beginning of October. So they may have a few more weeks to go. They are all SO huge though. It's so exciting waiting for lambs.

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Iris said...

More fantastic pictures, Kris! I know that walk was fun with all the beautiful scenery everywhere and having your "kids" with you.