Thursday, February 27, 2014

#'s 21 and 22...

I woke up early this morning. Looked out the window and saw a jet black lamb right outside the stall door. I figured it was Darla's, so got dressed and ran out there to check on them. All the others were outside soaking up some sunshine after the freezing cold night. I think it might have gotten down to about 20 or so. All water was frozen and so was the ground.

I looked in the 1st stall and there was another little tiny lamb in there. So she had twins! Both rams!

This is the bigger lamb, so I am thinking he was born first. He was dryer. So he's # 21. His name is Cole.

And his little brother Clay, # 22. He was a little weak and laying down. I had brought a towel, so wiped him down and held him a few minutes to warm him up. They both were not shivering at all.  But I could tell Cole had already been nursing. But this little guy needed a little help. I held him up to the teat and he got a little bit. But he was very weak.

I did go warm up a bottle of colostrum for him. He took a little bit. It must have helped him, because he's been up and nursing really good since.

I took off the black shirt-sweaters that Clark and Cadie were wearing and washed them and put them on the new little guys. When I went to grab Cadie, Annabelle got spooked and ran right over little Cash. When he got up, he was holding his left front leg up. I almost cried. I thought his little leg had gotten broken. But I think he'll be ok. He's the sweet little ram that I'm thinking about keeping. I'm going to make another post about Cash today. He and his mother Leelah are so sweet.

So far, out of 5 ewes, they have had 3 sets of twins and 3 singles. So far, the rams are ahead. Which is ok, since I want more sausage! That stuff is SO good.

I know for sure there are 3 more ewes to lamb yet, with a possible 2 more.


Betty Ann said...

Haha! Sweet little cute little babies and you're seeing sausage!! LOL! We love the baby goat bucklings too until they grow up and get stinky. And we loved the baby geese until they grew up and got noisy and mean! Good thing God made all babies lovable or we would never get sausage!

Kristin said...

Love the names. One of my sons is Cole and we have a duck named Clay.