Friday, February 7, 2014

Some fat ewes.

These are some of the better shots of the ewes that are due any time now.

                This is Fiona. (She's named after my middle grand daughter, Coryn Fiona.) She's Bridget and Bonnie's mother. She is half Katahdin and Dorper.

                                      This is Gracie. (She's named after my oldest grand daughter, Chloe Grace.) She is Beatrix's mother. She's full Katahdin.

                    This is Leelah, who I think is Fiona's sister. (She's named after Kansas, my youngest grand daughter.) She's half Dorper too. And Blossom's mother.

This is Adele. She is Leelah's lamb from 2 years ago. This will be her 1st lambing. I think she is bred. I never have been able to get too close to her. But she's a little better about letting me touch her nose now! She is a mix of a lot of breeds. Hair and wool. But bred to Abraham.

This is Amarillo. Full Finn and 1st time bred. To Abraham who is full Finn as well. So I hope the lambs are pretty. And hopefully colorful. I would love a black lamb.

And April. She is full Katahdin. I just got her a few months ago when I got the black ram. From the same place I got the other 3 hair ewes. She is possibly related to them. About the same age too. Supposed to be a really good mother.

I didn't get a good picture of Adalaide, but she is due soon too. She's full Finn as well and also bred to Abraham. So I hope I get some pretty wooly lambs from her and Amarillo. I'll probably keep them.

I'll be selling most of these lambs this fall. I am also trading 2 ewes and a ram for a weaned bottle calf. I think that's a pretty good swap. We are almost out of beef.

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