Sunday, February 9, 2014

The wood pile

Yesterday, I went to my first knitting class. It was a few hours. I did learn a lot. And re-learned how to cast-on and some other things. We are going to be knitting a prayer shawl. The class will last 10 weeks. It's fun to get together with fellow knitters.

Then, had to go home and get the husband to get a load of wood up on the mountain at our friend Kid's. He has been keeping us supplied with wood for awhile now. He just retired and the man will not sit still! He has about 25 acres up there and goes out and cuts dead trees, splits them up and calls us to come get them. This is one load from yesterday. Filled the truck up then we stacked it all in this thing that Kid gave us. It got all the wood from that load in there.

                                                  This is the wood shed, almost full again.

This is the other truck load we got yesterday afternoon at Mrs. T's. Her 100 year old oak tree that was cut down last fall. Our son-in-law Jason has been going over there and splitting it for us. He's a great SIL! But this is only ONE load. There are probably 4 more to go. We were too tired to unload this last night when we got home.
  So I made a good hearty breakfast for us this morning. And we will go unload this truck full of wood. And tomorrow, we'll go get another load from Mrs. T's.

We should have enough wood for next year too. But, the weather stations are calling for a big winter storm here for Tuesday and Wed. this week. I have already called it off. I don't want to see any more snow and freezing temps. I am DONE with that! But, IF it does happen, we will be ready for it.


Betty Ann said...

Love Love Love free firewood!! Kristin and son-in-law keep us well supplied. Even though I am dreading Tuesday and Wednesday, we, too, are prepared!!I am sure my neighbors would be astounded at how low our heating bills are. We are so blessed to be toasty warm in this cold winter! Now out to do some outside chores on this warm and sunny Sunday. Hard to believe how fast that is going to change. Your breakfast looks scrumptious.

Kris said...

I was at my knitting class and they were all talking about how high their electric bills are. I told them what ours was and we have wood heat. They all were shocked to hear it. But these are young busy people. No time for all this work.

But WE will be ready for this snowpocolypse won't we?

Iris said...

That's a lot of wood! I might have to get a wood stove. Got my electricity bill on Friday, and am just getting over it!!! Breakfast looks wonderful; a good farm one!!

Betty Ann said...

When we were young busy people we still heated with wood. I guess my 97 year old Mom, who lived through the Great Depression, raised me to waste not, want not. And I LOVE to stack firewood!! We are too old to swing a splitting maul now so Hubby and I just bought a 5 ton electric log splitter. It cost only $300 , which is less than most of my neighbors' monthly heat bills!! It paid for itself this month! I might have to visit this post every morning just to look at your breakfast. :)