Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Grand Adventure: Looking for spring, part 2

 We got up to the big old oak tree to see if there were any daffodils up there yet. It's so beautiful up there. I would love to have a little cabin right on the little knoll under the oak tree. Very peaceful. I wonder if there used to be a homestead there a long time ago? It's just the perfect spot.

We did find the daffodils! Not very many, but they were popping up! Really short and had some buds on them too. I'll go back next week after all this snow is gone and pick some. I love to have them all over the house this time of year. Makes me feel all springy.

Also saw some leaf buds on some of the tree branches. So exciting to see those! You can see in the background, the brown hill. That was at the end of this journey, when we headed back down.

So, I spotted this little stream on the other side of the oak tree down below it. I decided to follow it to see where it came from. That's where the real adventure began!

I am amazed, that even way out here, in the middle of no where, there is still trash. So sad to see this.

And there was more green to see. Ferns on the little banks of the creek, all pretty and happy. I love ferns.

And here is the stream we followed that day. It went up and up and up some more. At one point it split. We decided to go right. Isn't this beautiful?

To be continued....


Iris said...

Your pictures are so good of your hike with the animals! I forgot to mention in my comment earlier, that Charlie looks comfortable. I told Mark that if elec. goes out, I think I'll ask Charlie to come get me, if roads are bad. Do you think he would?? Mark said to watch tires, etc. I think mine are o.k. but not absolutely sure & I know ya'll just got new ones.

Kris said...

Of course he would come get you. If I can get him out of that darn recliner!

Kristin said...

I want to take my goaties walking now! Except it's 33 and raining..... I hope you're staying warm in this storm. I'm sure you have snow and ice again.

Kris said...

Oh yes, it's coming down again here. I hope it covers up all the nasty mud and then freezes. But it's not. It's supposed to be around 40 or so tomorrow so I hope all this melts soon.