Monday, February 10, 2014

Grand adventure: Looking for spring.

Last week, I decided to take the goats and dogs for a little walk out back. I wanted to see if there were any daffodils popping up yet. There's a few patches of them in a few spots way back behind us. So off we went.

Out the gate and to the left is a little lane that leads to the hay fields and the hills. Sandy is leading the way!

   Up the little lane to the open pasture. You can see the ridge from here.  Bubba and Stella are already to the clearing.

The goats get to the end of the lane and wonder which way to go now. To the left? To the right? Straight?

                            They just don't know so they are running around in circles. Silly goats!

We didn't see any daffodils poking up in the one spot. So we headed up to the big old oak tree to see if there were any up there yet. Bubba and Stella are running around now like wild dogs. They love it back here.

I will let y'all know tomorrow if we saw any daffodils. And continue on with our Grand Adventure.


Kristin said...

I'm afraid to walk my goats off leash. I'd never get them all back together and in their pen. I do take them individually on leashes from time to time. Looks like a beautiful day up there!

Kris said...

I have never lost a goat on a walk. They stay right with me the whole time. Or at least where they can see me. And when I move they move. They're all a bunch of chickens!

Kristin said...

I may have to give it a try one day, but they'd probably eat my landscaping before I could get them to the woods.

Kris said...

If I have to take my goats through my yard, I do it one at a time. They cannot be trusted to follow me through the yard. I can open the little gate I have out back and we go through that. I'm sure yours would follow you. I'll go take mine out back to a good spot for them to eat down and as soon as I leave they go right with me.