Thursday, February 6, 2014

Go ahead and laugh now...

I realized what I did. It took awhile, but it just hit me.

I thought about this all night. Again, planning and figuring out how and who to put where. I got up this morning and fed the sheep and chickens first. Then got all the shots ready and went out to get the goats in the milk room. I wanted to give them the CD&T shots about 6 weeks before they all had kids. I don't normally do this, but wanted to this year because of all the sick does last year. Thought this might help a little.

So got Penelope, Zarah and Sandy on their stanchions and Zeeboo tied to the fence outside. Gave them all their shots and was feeling so good about doing this.

It was after that I realized when I put John Henry in with them. October 28th. Then I realized what the date was today. February 6th. I really thought that I was right on this. I'll let y'all do the math because math makes my head hurt.

Look at Zeeboo. She's like, what were you thinking, woman!

And Penelope and Zarah are not happy about it at all.

And Sandy. She's ALWAYS the last goat to kid. She's done with me now. I know.

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Kristin said...

I'm sure 8 weeks prior will be fine. :)

My first girl is due 3/10 and I still haven't done the boosters. I'm behind!