Friday, February 14, 2014

Part 3: up and across

 Here's my mountain goats! I don't think any of us realized how high up we would be going. But I think we were about as high as Pigeon Mt. to the East of us. Pretty far up there. But it wasn't really that hard. I wasn't winded or having to stop as much as I thought I would have. Just kept on going.

                                                            The stream, going down.

                                I found this really pretty mossy fairy castle. Almost a heart shape.

A little level spot on the way up.  Looks like the goats are wondering which way to go.

 This is looking straight up to the top. Not much farther to go now!

Here we are, at the top!

 There's Lookout Mt. I have always wanted to go up this ridge to see what was on the other side. There is a valley called Crowe Gap. Lots of chicken houses back there. But really beautiful. Couldn't see too much with all the trees, but I did see some houses.

The goats are ready for a little rest by now. I am too.

Looking straight up this very tall pine tree. So beautiful.

Bubba and Stella, getting tired by now.

Stella looks like she is wanting to go home! She's pooped. She has done nothing but run the whole way up. Time for a little rest before heading back down.


Betty Ann said...

Glad to hear from you!! Was hoping you didn't lose power from the snowcropolis! I see that your pictures were taken before the storm. So beautiful there.

Kris said...

We did get about 7" here. And the power went out night before last til yesterday afternoon. It was scary. But we stayed warm with the wood stove. Also made a big pot of pinto beans with deer meat in it. Then the power came back on and I made corn bread. Hope y'all are ok. Did you get snow? We are in for some rain now.

Iris said...

These are gorgeous pictures, Kris. And the fun all of you had is obvious. Glad you had such a good day!

Betty Ann said...

We were south of the freeze line this time so all we got was a cold rain. I figured your power was out when I saw that Ringgold GA got 9 inches and you had not posted all day. Hubby and I were praying and worrying about all of our peeps dealing with that storm. We have family and friends in various cities hit by the snow and ice. Thankfully all of our loved ones fared well. And that includes you. Ugh, so sorry you had to deal with a dark night.