Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cole and Clay

They are not feeling very well right now. When I went to check on them a few hours ago, Clay, the smallest lamb, was wheezy and weak. Cole was a little wheezy but not as bad. He seems to be stronger and bigger and has more energy.

So I called a friend who has sheep to see what she'd do. I was going to give them both shots of antibiotic but wanted to make sure first. She said she'd do it. Plus some sheep Nutri Drench and some colostrum in a bottle. So I did all that.

When I went out about an hour later to put up plastic in their stall, Clay was up and peeing. A good sign? He must be nursing because he didn't drink much from the bottle. His little sweater was all wet before so I took it off him.

As soon as I put that plastic up, it started getting warm in there. I was going to put up a heat light later too. But the plastic helped a lot with knocking the wind off them. Oh my goodness, I hate when animals get sick. I can usually help them as much as I can, but if something else is wrong, then it's out of my hands. I have never lost a lamb or goat kid, but it could happen. I know so many people who have. When my favorite ewe Lucinda died a few years ago, it was horrible. I had done all I knew to do for her, but it wasn't enough. I learned later of some things I could have done and she would be alive today. But I learn as I go around here. But when Abby died last February, I cried so much it hurt. Literally hurt. I loved the goat.

On a farm though, there is always the chance of death. It's part of life on a farm. It sucks, but it does happen. I have had chickens to die, but that's not the same at all to me as a 4 legged creature. I butcher chickens. But a furry wooly little lamb or goat kid? I don't know if I can handle it. But I will. I have to. I'll do all I can for the little guys. The rest is up to them and their momma. But please say a little lamb prayer for the little sweeties. Thanks so much.

And next year, no lambs til April or May. It's just TOO cold right now.


Betty Ann said...

I remember when Kristin lost triplet doelings and almost lost their Mama Trixie last spring. It was a sad sad day. Prayers for all the precious babies. You are a good lamb Mama.

Iris said...

I know it's a 24 hour per day job. But I know the rewards are great. I know you'll keep on keeping on!