Tuesday, February 11, 2014

No spring here.

 No spring anywhere around these parts any time soon. Woke up to this this morning. My fired personal weather man told me this wasn't supposed to happen til this afternoon. Huh! So I made him take me to town to get feed and milk and all that stuff that I was out of.

 Before we left, I saw a snow plow flying down the road going South. So I knew the roads would be ok. Plus my mom lives in Ft. Oglethorpe and my daughter Abby works in Chattanooga. They both said there was not a bit of snow anywhere to be seen. And all over FB, all those to the North of us were fine. So we took off. It looked like this til we got past High Point, about 13 miles North.

Then this is what it looked like. A totally different world. And here we are with 5" of snow all over our Trooper. People were looking at us like we were aliens! It was so funny. I needed to go to the feed store just up the road from here and they were closed. Yes, closed. Could not believe they were closed. So we went to get bread at the place I get day old bread for the critters, then Whole Foods. Then to Ft. O to Tractor Supply. I knew they'd be open. So we had a truck load of stuff when we headed home. 

Or I would have throw these 2 in the back. Yes, 2 goats, right in the road in High Point, Ga. The white one was a buck but the little brown one is a doe. But I didn't have room. I guess Tiny could have held them.

Got home and I unloaded the car. I feel so much better knowing all my feed barrels are full. Now anything can happen and my animals will be fed. Although I am down to about 15 bales of hay. And I had my friend put the new round bale next door. And the sheep are over here til this "snow"pocolypse is over.

And this is what I found when I came in from feeding all the critters. THIS is why the man can't sleep at night!

From what I've been hearing, this was just the first round of this snow storm. The rest is coming later tonight and tomorrow. But I'm ready! Just wish all this would freeze. It's the nastiest mess out there.


Iris said...

Ya'll did a lot yesterday, running around gathering up "stuff". The pictures are great!.

Kris said...

Thanks Mom!