Friday, February 7, 2014

Egg hunt, anyone?

This morning I got the sheep back over in the big pasture. I had to get all their feed pans first. As I was walking past I saw these eggs. On top of this old rabbit cage. Frozen and cracked of course. It's those Barred Rock hens. They are notorious for laying any place but a nest box around here. I always see at least 4 of these hens out in the yard. I have also checked in the garage and cat room when I see one of them going out of those places. Haven't found any eggs there yet. But here they are. I'll leave these and see if there are any more later.

Then, when I opened up this bag of wood shavings to put more out, I found this egg. So the egg hunting has begun. I always did love an egg hunt!

It's a beautiful day here so far. I have been hearing the birds chirping and they sound different. Happy, I think. Like they know Spring is just around the corner and they better get busy building those nests. There is a different feel out there to me. A fresh feeling. New and fresh.


Betty Ann said...

Silly chickens

Kris said...

I know! I cleaned up the frozen broken open eggs yesterday and put some old wool down. No more eggs. But I did get 20 eggs today! I have already sold 12 dozen this week.