Friday, February 21, 2014


The 1st lambs at Outback Farm for 2014!

                                                    From Adele Belle, twins! Her first.

                                                           #14, a ram lamb. Isn't he cute?

                                                             And # 15, a little ewe lamb! She looks like her momma, doesn't she? Looks like she's thinking about something.

She must of just had them around 7 this morning. The little ewe lamb was still a little wet. Adele is doing great so far. I had taken all the other sheep back next door and she was baaaaing like crazy. So April, Leelah and Gracie were all standing at the gate and I let them back over with Adele so she wouldn't freak out being alone. And of course they all promptly went in and ate all her hay for her. What great friends and mother.

Those 3 ewes should be lambing any time as well, so I'll leave them all over there for now.

These lambs are 95% Finn, so I'll have to dock tails in a few days. I went to the co-op this morning to get lots of bands. So I'm ready for all these little woolie lambs.

So here we go! Let the lambing begin!


Kristin said...

They're so sweet! I can't wait for babies. My Alpines look like they're about to burst.

Iris said...

I'm so glad they're here! So cute!Brother came first, so he can take care of little sis!

Kim said...

Nice of them to come into this world while it wasn't snowing!

Kris said...

Well, I told all the ewes to wait til this week to have lambs and they listened to me! It was bad til this week. And Adele did wait til this morning after the big storm to have hers.

Now for the rest of them. But they don't look like they're in any big hurry so far.