Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Part 5: Back home. (and that's all folks!)

I just had to post all my favorite goat pictures. And some dogs too.

Zarah and Penelope, looking toward the house.

                                                                   My sweet Sandy.

Zarah again. She is getting to be quite like her momma Abby now. She has the beard like Abby. And I have noticed she is a hay and feed hog like Abby too. I'll put down 4 piles of hay and she's hogging all of them. Just like her momma. I sure do miss her. It's been a year now.

                                                                        I love this one.

                        Penelope Jane. She's a little sweetie, this one. Can't wait to milk her again.

                                                      Bubba, the man! I love this dog.

And here's their favorite spot to be. Even in winter. They got out one day a few weeks ago and came back home full of icicles hanging on them. Silly dogs!

                                          Finally back home again. It was a long hike we took.

This is where we were. It's so beautiful up there. I need to go back out there to see if those daffodils have bloomed yet. I need some in this house!

A few days after this, I sold John Henry to a couple in Tn. I got a text from the man's wife today, saying how she just loves him and what a great buck he is. I was really happy to get that text. It made me feel so good to know he has gone to a good home. I really was a bit worried that they might have taken him to a goat sale or something.  I am happy for the ole stinkin' buck. And my sister will be happy to know this too.

I am done with this long story. I just love taking pictures. I have my camera with me all the time. I sure hope you all weren't bored with this. I will be back to blogging about other things now!

Oh, just have to say that yesterday and today, in the high 60's with beautiful blue skies. Just glorious here. We had a little rain last night and some tonight but I am fine with that.

Also no lambs yet. Still waiting.


Betty Ann said...

Now that your goat pics are all published, I am eagerly awaiting baby lamb pics! Never boring at all!!

Kris said...

Pretty soon now. Adele is laying down by herself now alot. It's a good week to have lambs. My friends up the road woke up to goat kids this morning. Ada had triplets but sadly lost one of them. She was bred to John Henry. She is all white and had 2 pure white just like her, one of them died, and the other is a doeling. And a handsome little black and white buckling. I want him.

Haven't seen Kristin around. Her blog is quiet. Hope she's ok.

Betty Ann said...

Yay!! Lambs!! Kristin will be back home today. Needed a little vacay to bust out if this long winter's funk! She picked the warm week when the daffodils are blooming to hit the slopes!! Silly girl. Bob and I have been looking after the farm. Kidding begins in mid March. She has 6 very pregnant goats and her hens have finally resumed laying like gangbusters. Yum milk. Can't wait for milk. And cheese. Storebought just isn't cutting it. The porcine princesses are due to be picked up from the processor on Monday. I'll get on her case to update her blog. Are you listening Kristin? ;)

Kris said...

Well, I hope she's having fun. My niece and her family went to my sister's in Col. to go skiing. They live near Augusta. They are having so much fun out there. I keep checking in on Kristin's blog but nothing. And no lambs here yet. They'll wait til tonight when we're having this nasty storm that's coming. Just watch 'em.