Saturday, February 15, 2014

Right now. This minute.

I'm not gonna lie. I do not like winter. I used to love it. Til I hit 50. For some reason, after that, I just cannot get warm enough. And I think it has a lot to do with having a farm with lots of animals on it. They are messy. They tear up the ground. They aren't big animals like cows or horses, but they can still tear up the ground. And where animals are, it's a mud pit. And I feel bad for them.

This winter has been cold. And wet. And lots of snow. More than we have had in years here. I like snow ok. For about a minute. Then I'm all over it and ready for it to go away. But these snows seem to like to hang around. I think on the news last night, they said kids have missed 17 days so far from this crazy weather. And that's just since January. They went one day this week, Monday.

So last night, I was a bit depressed about all this mess. My farm is literally a mud pit. From front to back. All mud, everywhere I look. Brown ugly wet slushy ooey gooey mud. That's it. Til the snow came and covered it all up with about 7". Yes, it was beautiful. For a minute. Then here comes the dogs. The sheep. The chickens. Not the goats, because they will not go out in this. And where ever they step, they made mud. So pretty soon, it was a mud pit again.

Yes, I went to bed depressed. And I cried a little. Wondering if this will ever be over. Will I ever see green again? Will the ground ever be dry again? Will I ever mow again? Or even get the tiller in the garden again? It was bad. I just wanted to stay in bed til summer.

I know there are people who love this snow. I saw people actually having fun. Sledding and skiing and laughing and building cool snow people. Snow is beautiful and fun and serves a purpose I suppose.

Then I thought of how people are all basically the same, physically. We all have hands and feet and a head and all that. But God put something different into each one of us. He made some people love the cold and some love it hot. He made some people dare-devils and want to jump off and out of things. He made some people want to fly like birds and go higher and higher, into the heavens. He made some people want to be doctors and lawyers and business managers and want to stay up all day and night. And love it. He also made farmers and ranchers and butchers and vets. We are all different and I am so glad I am who I am.

So I have been thinking about all this today. Because I woke up to this. A totally different world. It looks dry out there, doesn't it? I was amazed that just last night, when I went to bed, it was all muddy and still snow all over. But right now, looking at this picture, I feel hope. That soon, this will all be green again. And the trees will have leaves again. And I will mow all this and probably complain about it. And also complain that it is so dry and when will it ever rain again? The ground will be so hard and dry I will pray for rain. I know I will. Because I am human.

And God knew this would happen, way back before we were ever here. He knew that we, as humans, would not be satisfied with summer 12 months long. Or spring 12 months long. Or fall, even with all it's glory, we would not be happy with it for 12 long months. So he gave us seasons. That only last 3 months at a time. Thank you, Lord!

Because I remember saying last summer, how I wanted it to be over. It was a crappy summer. Nothing in the garden was growing right. I had to replant so many times. I wanted it to be over so I could start all over again. With a a better garden. And now, I am saying I just want this horrible winter to be over. Why can't I just be happy knowing that this too shall pass? And that it will be spring soon. Then summer again. And I will long for fall.

So I think, right now, this minute, I will be content to wait. Because I know.


Iris said...

Your comments are so opposite what you posted yesterday, like not the same person! Actually, what you're saying is normal. Everybody at the hospital yesterday talked about being so ready for Spring, including me! So relax; being normal is healthy! Love you!

Betty Ann said...

Kris, that was so eloquently spoken. That is why I am drawn to your blog every day. You lift me up.