Monday, February 24, 2014

Meet # 16:

 Charlotte Belle. A single ewe lamb from Fiona. I kept waiting and waiting for her to have a few more lambs, but nothing. And she still hasn't passed the afterbirth. I hope nothing is wrong. She had a really long yellow goo before having the lamb. And she was covered in yellow that looked like meconium. I cleaned her off as best as I could.

And you can see where she went as fast as she could get there! Straight to the milk. And she didn't fool around either.

I am kind of glad Fiona didn't have more because she's the one who had Bonnie and Bridget last year. And didn't want poor little Bonnie. I had to go get matching sweaters for them and had a time getting Fiona to stop trying to kill Bonnie. She finally did kind of accept her but would only let her nurse from the back end. So I guess Fiona does better with one baby. She's so pretty too.

So I hope they have lambs like every few days because both stalls are full right now. But then, I'd love to have them all here and done. I am SO allergic to lambs! My eyes are so red and puffy and my nose is all stuffy and I'm sneezing. It's horrible when all I want to do is love on these sweet babies.


Kristin said...

So sweet! I want babies!
I can't imagine being allergic to your own little lambs.

Iris said...

Cute pictures of the girls. Take your allergy meds, Kris.

Iris said...

Cute pictures of the girls. Take your allergy meds, Kris.

Kris said...

I went today and got some mom. Already feel much better after holding ALL the little ones!