Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Water, water, everywhere.

This is the path to the goat barn, between the 2 trees. There are some boards under the water that they walk on to get to the milk room. All this water, that came from the creek to the right up above, is going through the yard straight to the sheep shed- hay island. Then it goes on into the South garden and down the driveway, then turns right and goes through the little orchard then down to the pear trees. Where it makes a little lake.

It is actually a little less water today. I did get to milk Sandy last night and feed some of the others in the milk room. They got to come out some this morning. But now it's sprinkling again. And we could possibly get some snow tomorrow? That's what I'm hearing now. I kind of hope it does so all this nasty mud will be covered up for a little bit.

I believe it's like this all the way up through Indiana. My niece lives up there and had water pretty close to her house. I had to go to town yesterday and could see all the lakes where there are no lakes. SO much water. But my mom says this will be so good for the gardens this summer. I told her I do not see how that works, as I still have to water my garden in the summer. Where's all this water then, huh? I don't know, but I guess somehow it does help.

I hope you all are dry and warm wherever you are out there.


SweetLand Farm said...

Looks like our mud season till things dry up. and I do hope things dry up for you. no fun :(

Kris said...

Some snow and strong wind on the way. With the saturated ground right now, that could mean downed trees. And I have about 5, maybe 6 days of wood left.

Kristin said...

You weren't lying about the ponds, lakes and streams! Did you get bad weather yesterday? We got rain and cold but not too cold. Low was about 35 I think.

Kris said...

No bad weather here. But in Chatt. there were some downed trees. One tree fell on a 16 year old boy walking out to his car. He was taken to hospital and is fine. But how scary. They let schools out early yesterday for this. Lookout Mt. got snow. That's about it. It got to 20 something last night. Everything froze. Stay warm!