Sunday, January 20, 2013


Today was amazing! I was outside all day. I worked in the garden awhile. Finally got all the tomato posts and cages put up. Also had some fence sections I had used for some tomatoes and got them all pulled up. I will not use fence again for tomatoes. I'm going to use them to put outback on the non-working electric fence for the goats. The bad babies are getting out again.

Sat out in the sun for awhile for some much needed Vitamin D and crocheted on my bedroom afghan.. I want to paint my bedroom a blue jean sort of blue with white trim and white cotton tab top curtains. And brown pillows.

While sitting outside, I noticed some dandelion flowers. So got up and picked a hand full for some tea. I love dandelion tea. I also saw a honeybee on a flower so left that one. And felt bad because there were no more. But the tea was good. I saw the honeybee while I was crocheting. It came to visit me. I am hoping to get a hive from a honey guy not too far from here. Just to have a hive here, not own it. He said he would bring one in the spring. But I might end up getting a hive of my own someday. I'd like to take a class first.

And I saw some Bluebirds in the bluebird houses in the chicken yard! They were trying to decide which house to get. I have 3 in a row. But usually the sparrows get them first. We have an old maple tree that has lots of apartments in it that usually fill up pretty quick. But the main complex fell off last week with all the rain we had. So there may have to be some construction going on soon up there.

So it was a busy day here, with all the bees and birds setting up housekeeping. And the goats and sheep are getting ready for kids and lambs in the next few weeks. I sure hope this weather stays like this for awhile. It's been great.

I hope you all have had a wonderful Sunday.


SweetLand Farm said...

Must be nice to be outside all day and to even sit and enjoy the weather! It's too cold here right now for much of that. It's in the single digits and teens this week. I look forward to being outside this summer though! Glad you were able to get a lot done!

Kris said...

Today was really nice too. Did a lot of work again outside. But tonight down in the teens and tomorrow really cold. So nothing going on outside tomorrow. I sure hope no sheep or goats have babies tonight.

emilysincerely said...

Your day looks beautiful. Our weekend was beautiful too. Worked outside as well. Your afghan looks very nice and your colors for painting and trim will go well. It will be a comfortable room.

Kris said...

Thank you, Emily. I'm so glad you had a nice day too.