Thursday, January 24, 2013

Abby and her (devil) daughters

Last night I put Abby and Iris Josie, who is laying next to her, in a stall. Iris Josie was outside with the rest of the goats this morning, over next door in the field. Yes, I have bad goats. So I put John Henry and Arlo Guthrie the bucks, up front so I could put all the bad does in the back yard so they won't go out. All but Zarah Belle came in. As you can see, she is STILL on the OTHER side of the fence, all by herself. It must run in the family, wanting to be alone. Well, except for the youngest bad baby, who is a momma's girl. Most of the time. They both love their momma.

But Zarah has always been a little skittish. She broke her back right leg when she was just a few months old and ever since she's been this way. She's so beautiful and very pregnant. I so hope she's a good milker like Abby. But she's just so bad.

Then her little sister, Iris Josie, is a devil goat for sure. She is just plain ole BAD. But sometimes she can be so sweet and let me pet her. She's the one I named after my mother. Never do that.

Abby seems to be doing ok today. I'll give her some molasses water. I hope she'll get over this. I think I'll put Zeeboo and Sandy up front with the bucks. I don't think anything will happen. But John is still a stinky boy.

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Kristin said...

These crazy goats! They're all hormonal messes and every sweater I own smells like Buddy! I can hardly stand to be around myself, but have to go into the fence everyday to feed Phoebe and Scilla since my nasty old biddies won't let them out the gate to be fed on the stand.

Snow flurries...I can't believe it. It's so warm out here today. I want to be outside, but I've done all the puppy training I feel like doing today and don't want to smell even more like goat.