Sunday, January 27, 2013

New kids on the farm!

I was thinking Trudy might have her kids last night. Full moon and goo. So I put her in the back stall for the night, just in case. Went to check on her later last night and found these 2 little cuties. They are definetely Boer crosses. The white one is the buck. He's probably twice as big as the little doe. Both have elf ears.

Trudy's a good momma. But her udder is so hard. The kids are getting milk because I have seen poop and saw them pee. I hope Trudy doesn't have mastitis. Her udder isn't hot, just hard, like a grapefruit. I'll go get some more hot water with peppermint EO. If anyone knows something else to do, please let me know. I do not want to bottle feed kids!


Sandra said...

What cuties.
I occasionally have a doe that has had a LOT of milk. You may try milking her to see if it goes down.
If not and you think Mastitis is an issue you may want to give her antibiotics.
Good Luck :)
We have a couple more months to go before we will start seeing babies.

Kristin said...

So cute!!! I'm in love already. Congrats, Trudy.

Is her udder hot to the touch? Do you have a California Mastitis Test on hand? I keep on just in case, it was about $20.

Tombstone Livestock said...

Make sure her milk is flowing and the teats aren't blocked. If udder gets too tight milk some out and save it for future use in freezer. Is there blood in her milk? Put some milk in a jar and let it sit for awhile, does it turn pink in the bottom of the jar?

Kris said...

The kids are getting milk. I've been rubbing coconut oil with peppermint EO on her udder several times a day now. They are feeling different. I don't know what breast implants feel like, but they feel like implants would feel. Like there's something in there. But I have tried to milk her and I do get some milk out. And the kids look fine.