Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Older goats

I don't know if you can see her, but Abby is in this picture. (She's a little to the right in the middle. You can see a little white on her rear.) All alone. She was gone all night alone actually. And it was in the low 20's too.  I was worried sick. Crying, worrying, praying for her. Imagining all kinds of horrible things again.

Yesterday, I saw all the goats out in the filed, where they are not supposed to be. I got them all back in. Then about an hour later, it was time to milk and feed the goats. They were all there, except Abby. It's always Sandy, Abby and Trudy first. Then Penelope, Zarah and Zeeboo next. I only have 3 stanchions. And they all know the order, We do this every day.

So I didn't think anything about her not being there. Just thought she's gone back out. Later on I went out to the barn to see if she'd come in and gone to bed. No Abby. So I got the dogs and we went out back. It was pitch black dark out there. We went way out back. I called and called her. Nothing. I didn't even hear anything. I went all through the tangled mess of blackberry and honeysuckle vines, thinking she's gotten stuck and couldn't get out. Or had stepped in a hole and broke her leg and couldn't walk. I had cuts all over my legs from all the blackberry vines. But no Abby.

I just cried. I missed her already. I have had this goat for almost 8 years now. My first ever milk goat. She's aggravating as crap and can be such a bully, but I love her. She's the best goat to milk too. I am not very sure if she is bred or not. Sometimes she's really big and others she's bony and I can see all her bones. But her udder seems to be getting bigger.

I did get those 2 new does about a month ago. The black one, Zeeboo, can be a real pest. She's all over the place, picking on everyone. I was thinking Abby has seemed a little quieter since they've been here. Maybe she just wants to get away from Zeeboo? She seems to be fine.

So has anyone had an older goat that would go off by their selves and stay gone awhile? She's always been with the other goats. My goats don't like being alone. Do older goats go off to be alone to die like dogs do? I have no idea what to do with her. I don't want some wild animals to get her. And I don't like that she's out there alone at night, unprotected.

 I know I have got to get that electric fence fixed and working fast. But I need money, which is short right now. So any advice and suggestions would be great.

I just completely forgot to say that I went out first thing this morning to look again and found her. She was way over on the other side by the goat barn in that pasture, eating grass. Just fine and dandy, the old stinker. I was SO glad to see her. And so happy that she was ok. I guess she must of been sleeping in the old shed in that pasture. I hope so. I let her stay out there. She seemed to be fine. And she acted like she wanted to stay out there. She's behind the house now. And so are the others.


Tombstone Livestock said...

Goats are such herd animals and since she is used to routine somethings not right, hope she is ok.

Kris said...

I know, That's why it's so strange for her to be out there all alone. I just got her back in and Zeeboo came up to her and tried to bully her. I think it's a lot to do with her. I just don't have room to separate them all. And I really would like to keep them all together.

Kristin said...

Poor Abby. Poor you! You must have been worried sick. I'm glad you found her.

emilysincerely said...

So glad to hear Abby is back.

Abby said...

Side note...just because you named her after me doesn't mean she will make you feel the same way I did when I was younger. I'm happy she's safe.

Kris said...

I still feel the same way about you. You are my child and I will love you no matter what. So there. And she was already named Abby. That's why I had to get her. And she's stubborn and persnickety too. Just like her namesake.

Kris said...
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