Thursday, January 31, 2013


So this morning Abby's not in the barn. Because she was way out back in the pretty green pasture that's not ours. She's much better today. She's probably getting too much green grass and bloating.

I wish I could put the sheep out there. I was moving them to the other side of the yard this morning to go out in the bigger pasture, but they had other ideas. In the front yard there is some really pretty green grass growing and they made a right turn and headed toward it. But of course they have to go into all the flower beds and wreak havoc first. And of course I have worthless lazy dogs who only want to chase sheep when I'm not looking. So got no help from them. Finally got them all back where they were supposed to be. All but big Darla. Got her back in the other yard by herself. Then a little while later I look outside and there are all the other sheep, back out in the front yard. So back out again and got them back into the smaller pasture, where they will remain til further notice.


Kris said...

Abby's back in the stall til I get the fence fixed. She is out there eating all that green green grass and now has runny poop and can hardly move. So lots of baking soda and hay for the pig.

Going to Tractor Supply for electric fence wire and poles and a few other things to get that fence working again.

emilysincerely said...

oh, she is sneaky.

Kris said...

Yes, I do believe the old girl is a PIG! I think that's all that's wrong with her. She went out there and ate til she couldn't eat any more or walk. She's a pig. I've had her in the stall for 2 days now and she's fine.