Thursday, January 17, 2013


I have never liked chess. Like golf, to me it seems like the most boring thing to do. And quite complicated. But my husband loves to play chess. (He also likes the game Hearts. Hmm.) He taught both our kids at a young age. And has taught our oldest grand daughter Chloe, when she seemed interested in it. She loves it too. And is pretty good at it.

So the other day, Kansas, the youngest grand, found the chess set in the cabinet. She brought it out and hubby helped her set it up. He explained about all the pieces and what they can do and how they can move. I don't think she gets it yet. Chess is a very quiet game. A game of concentration. A game where people really don't talk a lot. And do a lot of sitting and staring. NOT a game for a child like Kansas! That child cannot do any of those things for more than 30 seconds. Really. And when I told her that in some chess competitions sometimes it could take several hours for a person to make a move, I think she decided it was not the game for her either.

I did find out that the queen is the most powerful piece on the board. Ha! I always knew she was special.

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Abby said...

Dad taught me and Heather well. Thanks Dad for those great memories!!!