Monday, January 21, 2013

Got more done today.

I just love bare trees. They seem freer, lighter, like their personality comes through. And I love how the blue sky looks bluer through the curly branches. Each tree is different, just like people. 

Today was another gorgeous day. I worked outside again. This time I tore down all the ugly orange and black netting I had around the chicken run area. Since I only have 4 hens and a rooster I decided to just get rid of all that ugliness. And since they are really truely free range chickens now, we just don't need all that fencing and netting up any longer. So down it all came. It took awhile but it looks so much better. 

I am going to try to get the chickens to stay out back in the goat area. Make a little coop for them at night. This way I can have an extra stall for sheep. Which I will be needing soon. So I'll have 3 lambing pens for them. These stalls are 10x10 so they can be divided into 2 pens if needed. But I only have 3 ewes to lamb in a few weeks and the rest in May so I only really need 3 anyway. So this will work out good.

Also took the pieces of fence I used for tomatoes out to the electric fence and went as far as I could with them. Not very far at all. But I did get all 3 strands of wire back up. So maybe that'll keep the goats in?

I sold some lamb meat today too. While the guy was here, he wanted to see all the animals. I called all the goats to come and everyone came except Abby. I called and called for her but she never came. Jeff was here for about half an hour. After he left I went out back to look for her. I didn't see her anywhere. I called and called but nothing. I was starting to think of all these horrible things that must have happened to her. Then I went out the side gate and back up to the back field and there she was, coming out of the bushes. Just fine. I guess she didn't hear me. She is a Lamancha. I think she just needed some alone time. But she scared me. I'm so glad she's ok.

Tonight is supposed to be in the teens. Brrr. And tomorrow really cold. SO no working outside. Think I'll stay inside and clean maybe? That doesn't sound like fun. 


Kristin said...

I can't stand cleaning the house and I can't stand a dirty house- it's a conundrum.

Little lambs! I can't wait!

Glad Abby was okay. My herd queen Kat seems to have selective hearing at times. Stay warm.

Kris said...

I hate cleaning too. I did clean the bathroom really good yesterday.

Read the new post about Abby.