Wednesday, August 22, 2012

There's a new buck in town

This is my new Boer buck, Lil Red. I went last night to look at some bucks at a farm over in Lafayette. This guy has a lot of goats. Nubians and Boers and some crosses. I settled on this little cutie. He's just 5 months old but already doing the bucky thing. He's really stocky and has the little Boer head but the thick nose and neck and really meaty. I decided to get a Boer buck to use with Sandy my Nubian who always has bucks. SO I thought I'd just breed for a meatier kid and either sell them or use them for us. I'll put Sandy and Penelope in with him next month. He's a cutie.

I had to move him and John Henry up front because the girls were all teasing them. Poor guys. And they are starting to really stink. Like bucks. This way the back yard can rest a few weeks and grow some more.

Is anyone else thinking about breeding these days? What is going on at your farms?


SweetLand Farm said...

Yup, just a rooster trying to have his way with the hens...
Do you eat any of the goat meat? My husband loves boer goat meat. I've never had it.

Kris said...

That's why I got this guy, so we could eat the kids. Sounds horrible, but that's what they are for. But he is so stinkin' cute! Right now anyway. I know he will be about twice as big in another 6 months or so. He's a sweetie. I do like goat meat. It's kind of sweet. It makes great stew.