Saturday, August 11, 2012

Good Morning

This is my favorite place to be in the mornings.It's so pretty and never ever the same. This almost doesn't look real but it is.

The sheep have to tell me good morning. And to tell me they want their food right now, please! They are very impatient girls.

A little later Jim came with his big mower to mow their pasture. I have to move them over to the other pasture tomorrow and he also mowed it. But not as low over there. He also looked at my new garden shed and he's going to make the sheep shelter first next week for me. So I will be able to leave the sheep over there even if it rains.

                                              I just love my sheep. They are amazing animals.
                                      The sheep are telling Bubba and Stella good morning too.

It's been the most beautiful day here. So cool and almost feels like fall already. I'm thinking we may have an early winter. As I was sitting outside later breaking beans, I could hear a chainsaw up the road. I love that sound. Our neighbors had a tree that finally fell last month in a storm. Thank goodness it fell out into the field.

There are so many things we need to be doing to get ready for winter. We need wood bad. And a wood burning fireplace would be really nice. We have a fireplace but it burns up way too much wood and I am always putting wood in it.

I also need lots more hay. I think I have 85 bales so far. I'd like to have about that much more to go through the winter. With feed prices going up so much, they may just be getting hay to eat.

What are y'all doing to get ready for winter so far?


Laurie said...

What beautiful pictures Kris! I agree the first shot almost doesnt look real, looks like something out of a magazine- and to think its your HOME. How awesome- lucky you!
Thanks for sharing- your sheep look real cute!
Farmgirl Sister#1403

Kris said...

Thanks, Laurie!

Triple K Farm said...

I love my sheep too! Lambing is my favorite time of year which is also sugaring season which also means spring is coming!
We are lucky that we got all our firewood cut the end of last winter. Since we sell hay, I know my animals have plenty, but I know lots of people worry about getting enough hay.We just started haying 2 years ago so I defiantly remember that feeling.