Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sheep Shots

I was outside this evening after mowing and saw the ewes all jumping around like little lambs. Just having the best time. It was so cool today and they all loved it. But then I realized they were jumping on each other and head butting. I do believe they are all in heat.  So I ran in to grab the camera and of course they all stop and act like perfect little ladies. I recorded them anyway. And if you watch this, you will see a lot of traffic, which never happens out here. But there was just car after car after car. So I figured something was going on out at Mountain Cove Farm. They have weddings and receptions out there in the big barn. There must have been 50-60 cars going by while I was out there. The last time this many cars came out this way like that, they were making a movie called Water For Elephants, right up the road. Never have I seen so many vehicles in the few days they were here. So many people came out here to watch it. Just amazing, right out here in the middle of no where USA. Anyway, I thought it was interesting. And it was a wedding reception. I had to go to the store later and saw the sign pointing this way.

So then I went and stood in the farthest North East corner of our property looking South. You can see the roof of the old barn in my borrowed pasture next door. That's where the sheep will be going tomorrow.

This is Darla. She has to be in every picture. She's such a ham lamb.

This is looking toward the house here. I sure wish we owned on the North of this fence. Great pasture over there.

This is a shot looking toward the North of our property.  That's Lookout Mt. over the trees.

I just love it out here. It is usually really quiet and no traffic. I am always the last car going this way.

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